Alphagary debuts new sustainably sourced TPE compound

Latest News: Altagary, along with a growing number of companies, is expanding its product range to include products based on sustainable raw materials. The company, a division of the Orbia Polymer Solutions business group, has launched the first new line of renewable SEBS thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds under the Evoprene brand.

The new ECO 1000 series of compounds are formulated using bio-based feedstocks and are designed for general-purpose extrusion and molding applications.
Laboratory testing of compounds containing 25% bio-based feedstocks demonstrated consistent mechanical properties (such as specific gravity, durometer and tensile strength), good heat resistance, flow characteristics and surface finish compared to conventionally formulated compounds Also consistent. The new compounds also show good colorability.

In addition to adding renewable-sourced compounds to its portfolio, the company is investing in new technologies to enable customers to implement their own sustainability initiatives and exploring ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the use of sustainable feedstocks. Row can be quantified.

John, Alphagary’s Director of Global Business Development
Jaddou said: “Our approach is holistic – it is not just formulated with bio-based feedstocks and recycled content. Orbia takes a strategic approach to sustainability. For Altagary, its clear goals include in its Actions in production facilities. These are just as important as the innovative products we offer.”

Rick, Director of Global Operations at Alphagary
“Our investments in green energy contracts, upgrading equipment efficiency and recycling valuable resources like heat into our facilities all help reduce our carbon footprint and demonstrate our strong commitment to protecting the environment,” Correia said.