KRAIBURG TPE launches highly resistant TPE for cosmetics offering long-term safety and stability

Latest News:Isododecane and similar substances are a challenge for thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) in the packaging field. If a material is not specifically developed for use in the cosmetic field, deterioration such as swelling or degradation of the material may occur. This particularly affects products based on waterproof formulations. KRAIBURG TPE’s high-resistance TPE for cosmetics is a product that reliably meets standard requirements over a long period of time.

For manufacturers, cosmetic packaging has to meet high demands, as product reliability must be ensured at all times. But visual and tactile qualities that have a direct impact on purchasing decisions are also critical. In addition to these criteria, mechanical properties also play a crucial role for the processor. The highly resistant TPE for cosmetics has allowed KRAIBURG TPE to expand its product range to include a family of compounds that can withstand particularly harsh ingredients, including isododecane. As a result, the TPE manufacturer from Waldkraiburg, Germany is now able to offer further solutions to the beauty market, including applications such as waterproof mascara, straw caps, lip gloss applicators and cosmetic packaging.

This new approach to cosmetic applications is based on an established product from KRAIBURG TPE: COPEC® was developed to meet the high resistance requirements for sebum oils. Thanks to its velvety surface, it also meets the demand for high-quality haptics in the consumer electronics sector. “We are now presenting our new material solution, a highly resistant TPE for cosmetics, which for the first time allows us to elegantly meet the high standards of the cosmetic industry. Potential customers will also benefit from the material’s wide range of processing options. ” Jan, Product Development Scientist at KRAIBURG TPE
Dr Bothe said, “This new product range allows us to meet the current wishes of our customers and open up new applications.”

Hardness grades 65, 75 and 85 Shore for highly resistant TPEs for cosmetics
A, can be customized in many ways due to its opaque color. In addition, the new compounds have good processability for injection molding and adhesion to selected plastics. These materials also comply with US FDA CFR
21 and Regulation (EC) No. 10/2011, the cosmetic industry standard, and complies with REACH, RoHS, California Proposition 65 and MERCOSUR Regulation No. 39/19. These TPEs do not contain animal ingredients, so they can be used throughout the cosmetic market. This is another KRAIBURG TPE product suitable for recycling during production.

This highly resistant TPE for cosmetics is now available worldwide.