Shanxi: By 2025, the output value of coal chemical industry will strive to exceed 150 billion yuan

Latest News: Shanxi’s recently released “Opinions on Promoting the Green and Low-Carbon Development of the Coal Chemical Industry” pointed out that by 2025, the output value of the province’s coal chemical industry will strive to exceed 150 billion yuan, and coal chemical enterprises will be fully developed. After passing the “survival line”, more than 15% of the enterprises reached the “development line”.

The “Opinions” propose that by 2025, the level of green and low-carbon development will be greatly improved, the production capacity below the benchmark level will be basically cleared, 40% of caustic soda production capacity, 30% of coal-to-methanol production capacity, 30% of coal-to-ethylene glycol production capacity, 15% % of the synthetic ammonia production capacity reaches the benchmark level of energy efficiency.

Shanxi has laid out three major coal chemical industry clusters, including the coking chemical and deep processing industry clusters centered on Luliang, Taiyuan, and Linfen; the modern coal chemical industry clusters centered on Changzhi, Yangquan, and Shuozhou; Jincheng, Yuncheng, and Jinzhong as the cores traditional coal chemical industry cluster.

The “Opinions” formulated six key tasks, including accelerating the upgrading and transformation of the traditional coal chemical industry, cultivating and expanding the modern coal chemical industry, promoting the extension of the coking chemical production and deep processing industry chain, standardizing the development of chemical industry parks, improving the scientific and technological support capabilities, and promoting the digital and intelligent transformation of the industry. .

Shanxi will speed up the upgrading and transformation of the traditional coal chemical industry, and strictly control the new production capacity of excess industries such as urea, calcium carbide, and caustic soda. Urea enterprises should accelerate the application of new coal gasification process technologies such as pulverized coal pressurized gasification technology and coal-water slurry gasification technology, develop high-efficiency, high-quality, and environment-friendly value-added urea, and further develop polymethoxydimethyl ether, polyoxymethylene, New products such as phenylurea. Chlor-alkali enterprises should carry out technological transformation and upgrading such as membrane electrode distance sub-membrane electrolysis, carry out the upgrading and transformation of hydrogen chloride synthesis furnace, and develop special grades and special performance series products such as PVC paste resin and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride; calcium carbide enterprises should promote the application Closed environmental protection and energy-saving production technology, carry out equal replacement of calcium carbide production capacity, extend the industrial chain of acetylene chemical industry by calcium carbide method, and develop new materials such as degradable plastics.

Shanxi will also speed up the construction of a modern coal chemical demonstration base and build a complete industrial chain of methanol, ethylene glycol and downstream high value-added products. Create an industrial cluster dominated by high-performance carbon fiber and supercapacitor carbon in Taiyuan, create an industrial cluster dominated by coal-based fine chemicals and nylon in Changzhi, and create an industrial cluster dominated by polyester and degradable plastics in Yangquan. Promote the utilization of coal by grade and cascade, carry out pilot work in Datong, Shuozhou and other areas rich in low-rank coal resources in northern Shanxi Province, and promote clean and efficient pyrolysis technology suitable for the characteristics of coal types in Shanxi Province, high-quality utilization of pyrolysis products, ” R&D and application of key process technologies such as “three wastes” treatment.

In terms of coking industry, Shanxi will promote the extension of the industrial chain of chemical production and deep processing. Accelerate the construction of large-scale coking upgrading and transformation projects, promote the extension of the industrial chain of coking by-products such as coke oven gas, coal tar, and crude benzene, encourage the construction of hydrogen energy utilization projects such as coke oven gas hydrogen production and hydrogen fuel cells, and create a national hydrogen energy highland. Encourage coke oven gas to produce methanol and ethylene glycol and extend the industrial chain of high-end polyester new materials. Encourage fine separation of coal tar light components to produce naphthalene series products and pharmaceutical intermediates. Encourage the deep processing of coal tar heavy components to produce high-end carbon products such as lithium battery anode materials and supercapacitor carbon. Encourage the deep processing of crude benzene to produce nylon series new materials and biodegradable plastics and other products.

In response to the development needs of the coal chemical industry, Shanxi Province has made great efforts to improve its scientific and technological support capabilities, and accelerated the research on common key process technologies such as clean and efficient large-scale coal gasification technology and equipment, coal classification and utilization, methane-rich gas production of acetylene, and energy-chemical coupling. Coupling gasification technology application of raw materials such as coalbed methane and coke oven gas. Accelerate the construction of innovative platforms such as coal chemical key laboratories and pilot bases, encourage and support carbon dioxide hydrogenation to methanol, catalytic emission reduction and comprehensive utilization of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and other greenhouse gases, and research and transformation and application of methane and carbon dioxide reforming technology. .