Anhui Post and Fengyuan Group signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement

Latest News: On August 25th, Anhui Province Green Express Packaging Demonstration Manufacturing Joint Laboratory was unveiled and the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Anhui Province Post Company and Fengyuan Group was held. Huang Xiaowu, Secretary of the Bengbu Municipal Party Committee, Wu Zhouwen, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of Anhui Postal Administration, Liu Zhiyu, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the Provincial Branch, Xu Hesheng, Second-level Inspector of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Zhang Ming, Deputy Mayor of Bengbu Municipal Government, Li Rongjie, Chairman of Fengyuan Group, etc. Leaders are present. Xu Gang, member of the party committee and deputy general manager of the provincial branch, and Chen Liping, deputy general manager of Fengyuan Group, signed the contract on behalf of both parties.

According to the agreement, the two parties will integrate the resources of their respective sectors, work together to serve the rural revitalization, and adopt the modes of mutual advancement of channels, exchange of resources, and mutual sharing of points to deepen mutual network and business cooperation, deepen two-way drainage and customer acquisition, and jointly promote business development. Anhui Post will provide Fengyuan Group with comprehensive services such as warehousing, logistics and distribution, channel distribution, rural e-commerce, financial insurance and cultural media. Fengyuan Group will use its own technological advantages to help the construction of green postal services and provide green and environmentally friendly express packaging materials for postal services. Anhui Post will take this cooperation as an opportunity to set an example for the express delivery industry, take the lead in implementing the concept of green development, serve green technology enterprises, and contribute to the realization of the “double carbon” goal.

Liu Zhiyu said that in recent years, the post has provided comprehensive postal services for customers including Fengyuan Group by building a relatively complete system of universal services, inclusive finance, delivery logistics and rural e-commerce, and actively integrated and contributed to local economic development. . In particular, green postal construction has always been regarded as an important work content in the implementation of the pollution prevention and control battle and the practice of corporate social responsibility. In the national postal system, the green degradable packaging bags produced by the polylactic acid raw materials of Fengyuan Group have been used first, and have been approved by industry competent departments and local governments. Fully affirmed by the government. As a large state-owned enterprise, Postal Group and Fengyuan Group as an important provincial and municipal pillar enterprise have the same mission and responsibility to serve local economic development, and have broad space and prospects for diversified cooperation.

Li Rongjie thanked China Post for assuming the responsibility of the “national team” and for its assistance in the delivery of its group’s products. He hoped to take the opportunity of signing a comprehensive strategic cooperation between the two parties to push the cooperation in depth.

Anhui Province Green Express Packaging Demonstration Manufacturing (Joint Laboratory) jointly constructed by Anhui Post Office and Anhui Fengyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was unveiled.

In his speech, Huang Xiaowu congratulated the cooperation signing and the establishment of the joint laboratory, and expressed his gratitude to all units and enterprises that have long cared about and supported the development of Bengbu. He said that in recent years, Bengbu City has thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on the green governance of express packaging, gave full play to the advantages of the bio-based new material industry, and vigorously promoted the application of bio-based degradable express packaging, and achieved remarkable results. As the leading representative of the bio-based new material industry in Bengbu City, Fengyuan Group has the world’s leading industrial production technology of polylactic acid in the whole industry chain. The polylactic acid products produced from crop straw and corn as raw materials are gradually integrating into the daily life of citizens. , empowering green and low-carbon development. At present, the packaging industry has become one of the largest application markets for bio-based new materials. This event has built a cooperation platform to promote the widespread application of bio-based new materials in Bengbu City to the postal express industry in the province. It will surely further promote exchanges and interactions between upstream and downstream enterprises, and accelerate the reduction, standardization and recycling of express packaging. Bengbu City will work together with the Provincial Postal Administration and the Provincial Postal Company in the same direction and in-depth cooperation to continuously promote new bio-based materials from the laboratory to the application field, accelerate the construction of an influential green express industry system, and help create the province’s postal service. A new situation for the green development of the express delivery industry and the high-quality development. It is hoped that the vast number of logistics enterprises will increase their investment in Bengbu, help the urban development of Bengbu and the construction of logistics parks, and work together to achieve win-win cooperation.

Wu Zhouwen said that Bengbu City is an important hub of the postal express industry in our province, and has made many achievements in the ecological and environmental protection work of the postal express industry. The Provincial Postal Administration will base itself on the fertile ground for innovation in Bengbu, and work hand in hand with all parties to promote the green transformation of express packaging and make the postal express industry a pioneer in packaging environmental governance.