Wanhua Chemical and East China University of Science and Technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Latest News: Recently, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Wanhua Chemical and East China University of Science and Technology was grandly held at the headquarters of Wanhua Chemical. Wanhua Chemical Chairman Liao Zengtai, Executive Vice President Hua Weiqi, Senior Vice President Liu Boxue, East China University of Science and Technology President Xuan Fuzhen, Deputy Party Secretary Shen Haitao, Vice President Zhu Weihong, Vice President Yan Haitao and other leaders attended the signing ceremony.

During the ceremony, the two parties conducted in-depth exchanges on the current talent training and enterprise needs, and reached a consensus on deepening school-enterprise cooperation. In recent years, Wanhua Chemical has continued to dig deep in the aspects of production, education and research, adhered to the road of technological innovation, solved difficulties and pain points in product development through practical actions, and made positive contributions to the chemical industry. East China University of Science and Technology, as an institution of higher learning featuring “engineering”, insists on taking chemistry and chemical engineering as its foundation. In terms of discipline construction and project design, it goes deep into scientific theory and basic research, and continuously combines with the needs of first-line industrialization to cultivate a large number of high-quality talent. The cooperation between the two parties has played an important role in promoting the integration of production and education, and has opened up a new way of cooperation between the supply and demand of talents.

The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement will elevate the cooperation between the two sides to a higher level. In the future, the two parties will focus on the industrial structure and industry development needs to find more points of cooperation between schools and enterprises, and look forward to jointly breaking through key engineering and technical problems in the industry. , to promote the technological progress and transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry.