Anker Launches Eco-Friendly USB-C Cable: Incorporates Multiple Plant Materials

Latest News: Well-known accessories brand Anker announced a series of USB-C charging cables, the biggest highlight is the integration of plant-based materials in the production process. These USB-C cables come with “Anker
Eco Product” logo, these eco-friendly cables are part of the company’s commitment to eco-innovation aimed at reducing petroleum-based plastics in product development.

It’s no secret that the consumer electronics industry has a plastic problem. Every year people around the world use approximately 622 million USB cables. It takes about 43,000 tons of oil and about 9,000 tons of plastic to make these cables, and those numbers will only continue to increase.

The outer jacket of Anker’s new bio-based cable is sustainably manufactured from 40% plant-based materials such as corn and sugar cane. This innovative new cable reduces thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
and other petroleum-based plastics without sacrificing quality, strength or durability.

Steven Young, CEO of Anker Innovation
Yang) said: “As a global leader in mobile charging, we have a responsibility to explore ways to reduce the environmental impact of e-waste from our products and packaging.”