Shanxi’s largest PBAT manufacturer has started!

On September 5th, Huayang New Materials Co., Ltd. successfully started synchronous operation of 60,000 tons of PBAT and 20,000 tons of Taiyuan products at one time.

It is understood that the physical properties of PBAT materials produced by the PBAT synthesis project have reached and partially exceeded the specified values ​​of the corresponding national standards. Taiyuan production base products include fully biodegradable plastic shopping bags, vest bags, roll-up bags, fully biodegradable disposable lunch boxes, plastic cups, straws, knives, forks and spoons.

Previously, Huayang New Materials Interim Report disclosed that 2022 will be the critical year for Huayang New Materials PBAT project to be completed and put into operation, and the company’s leading industry biodegradable new material project will be completed and put into operation. These include:

1. The 60,000-ton/year PBAT project in the New Materials Industrial Park of the Pingding Economic and Technological Development Zone is expected to be ready for commissioning in the third quarter.

2. The 20,000-ton/year biodegradable materials and modified products project in the New Materials Industrial Park of Pingding Economic and Technological Development Zone is expected to be ready for commissioning in the fourth quarter.

3. The 20,000-ton/year full-scale biodegradable new material project in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, mainly operates food contact plastic packaging materials and products. It is expected to be ready for commissioning by the end of the third quarter.

In addition, according to the Degradable Plastics Special Committee, Shanxi Huayang Group’s annual production of 40,000 tons of biodegradable modified materials and 20,000 tons of biodegradable express bags and biodegradable plastic film projects is also in full swing. It will be fully completed and put into production before October 30.

Huayang New Materials PBAT Resin

On September 5, Huayang New Materials Biodegradable New Material Taiyuan Production Base held a commissioning ceremony.

Fully biodegradable products of Huayang New Materials Taiyuan Production Base

The Taiyuan production base is undertaken by Shanxi Huayang Biodegradation Technology Co., Ltd., which is invested and established by Shanxi Huayang New Materials Co., Ltd.

Zhang Wei, deputy general manager of Shanxi Huayang Biodegradation Technology Co., Ltd., introduced that the company invested 110 million yuan in the comprehensive reform area, renovated and expanded 10,000 square meters of workshops, owned more than 100 large-scale production equipment, and built 2,500 tons/year injection molding tableware, There are three production lines of 15,000 tons/year blister tableware and 2,500 tons/year blown film bags. The main products are fully biodegradable disposable plastic continuous roll bags, shopping bags, vest bags, fully biodegradable disposable lunch boxes, plastic cups, Straws, knives, forks, spoons, etc. At the same time, an integrated development system for product R&D and sales has been established. After the project is put into operation, it can achieve an annual output value of 650 million yuan and a tax revenue of 14 million yuan, becoming the largest manufacturer of biodegradable material products in Shanxi. To provide one-stop full biodegradable new material product customization services for domestic and foreign customers.

Speaking of market prospects, Zhang Wei said that according to the statistics of the plastics industry, by 2025, the market for disposable biodegradable plastic products in my country will reach 2.58 million tons. With the implementation of the plastic ban policy, the domestic degradable plastics industry has entered a production expansion cycle. The annual production capacity of biodegradable modified materials and plastic products projects has reached 435,200 tons, and the total production capacity of new/proposed projects exceeds 941,000 tons; Compared with the market expectation of biodegradable plastic products, there is still a large market space for biodegradable plastics.

Since July 1, 2022, Shanxi has launched the implementation of the “Shanxi Province Regulations on Prohibiting Non-degradable Disposable Plastic Products”. Shopping malls, supermarkets, pharmacies, bookstores and other places in the province’s built-up areas, as well as catering packaged takeaway services and various exhibition activities are prohibited. Use non-degradable plastic bags. The “Regulations” clearly require that plastic products be reduced from the source. Strictly control the flow of medical waste, crack down on the import of waste plastics, and encourage the development of key core technologies such as plastic pollution prevention and control, and promote the orderly development of the biodegradable plastics industry in Shanxi Province. By the end of 2022, all hotels, hotels and other places in Shanxi will no longer actively provide disposable plastic products, and can provide related services by setting up self-service purchase machines and providing refillable detergents. The use of non-degradable plastic bags is prohibited in the bazaars built in districts and cities. Publish the recommended catalogue of green packaging products, promote the original direct delivery of e-commerce express, and greatly reduce the secondary packaging of e-commerce products in the delivery process.