Asahi Kasei strives to be “first” to introduce more sustainable nylon 66

Latest News: Asahi Kasei is developing more sustainable versions of innovative compounds through industry partnerships. As previously reported, it has partnered with biotech company Genomatica to commercialize nylon 66 from renewable sources. The partnership involves the use of Genomatica’s bio-based
HMD (hexanediamine) raw material. Genomatica has been able to change the
DNA so that they produce HMD (hexamethylenediamine) after “eating” sugars that don’t disrupt the food chain in any way. At present, HMD (hexamethylenediamine) accounts for about
Half of the Leona™ nylon composite, a major step towards sustainability.

Asahi Kasei believes this collaboration is key to supporting its use of bio-based HMD (hexamethylenediamine) to pioneer the introduction of more sustainable nylon 66 in the automotive and electronics industries and to accelerate the achievement of its corporate sustainability goals. Asahi Kasei has priority access to early application testing of renewable sources of hexamethylenediamine and nylon, and leverages the company’s expertise in developing successful nylon applications such as high-temperature automotive parts, electronics or yarns for airbag production. Once the technology is complete, Asahi Kasei will have access to Genomatica’s
HMD process technology license to commercialize bio-based nylon 66. While no timeline has been disclosed, Asahi Kasei believes its nylon 66 made from bio-based HMD (hexamethylene diamine) will have the same quality and performance as the current one.