LANXESS to showcase prepolymers and additives for the adhesives and sealants industry

Latest News: LANXESS will participate in the FEICA Conference & Expo in Hamburg, Germany from September 14th to 16th. Experts from the Polyurethane Systems and Polymer Additives business unit at LANXESS will present their latest developments, products and solutions. This includes low free isocyanate prepolymers for various adhesive applications, especially hot melt and one-component foam (OCF) applications. High-efficiency polymer additives for many special applications in the adhesive and sealant industry will also be shown.
With the acquisition of Emerald Kalama last year
Chemical, LANXESS has expanded its product portfolio in these business areas. In addition to existing products such as Mesamoll, the K-FLEX and Modulast brands have been merged into the Polymer Additives business unit, which will debut at FEICA.

Sustainable Production of Polyurethane Prepolymers

By using bio-based raw materials, LANXESS has expanded its range of low-free polyurethane prepolymers for adhesives. Prepolymers can provide products with superior quality, processability and productivity, enabling companies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions while helping advance climate neutrality goals.

At the conference, Ronald Emanuel, Head of R&D for Polyurethane Systems at LANXESS, will discuss in more depth the application of novel bio-based, low free isocyanate polyurethane prepolymers for hot melt applications.

Adiprene LF–prepolymer with excellent properties

Under the Adiprene LF brand, unique low free isocyanate polyurethane prepolymers have been developed for use in adhesives, sealants and one-component foams.
Low Free (LF) technology produces prepolymers containing <0.1% free MDI and other isocyanates such as TDI, HDI or pPDI, providing unmatched industrial hygiene standards, superior performance, and improved processability. These prepolymers are ideally suited to meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and provide lower hazard classification ratings for final products.

Recently, Adiprene Green LF was added to the Adiprene LF portfolio. Adiprene Green
LF also offers a bio-based solution to reduce carbon emissions and pave the way for more climate change.

LANXESS’ LF Prepolymer Toolbox enables the customization of prepolymer reactivity, viscosity and polyol backbone to tailor it to the needs of the formulator. By controlling the chemical structure, these prepolymers have a very structured morphology to provide more consistent processing properties.

Modulast PURIncrease machining efficiency

Using Modulast
PUR modifiers that reduce the use of polyols and isocyanates in thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers) applications, resulting in lower overall raw material costs. Modulast
The high purity and low hydroxyl value of PUR make the reaction of polyol and isocyanate more complete and efficient, thus maintaining the excellent mechanical properties of polyurethane. The production process benefits from a reduced molding/de-mold temperature range, resulting in shorter cycle times.

K-FLEX – Versatile Polymer Applications

In addition, LANXESS will showcase its K-FLEX product range. These dibenzoates are used as plasticizers, modifiers and coalescents. They are compatible with a wide range of polymers and can be used in adhesives, sealants, coatings, paints, floors, wall coverings, synthetic leather and personal care products. K-FLEX plasticizers enable formulators to optimize the manufacturing process and improve the properties of the final product.