Avante Introduces Polycarbonate Materials for Laser Welding Applications that Optimize Weld Strength and Improve Flame Retardance and Aesthetics

Latest News:September 20, 2022 –
Evante today announced a new addition to its Edgetek™ specialty thermoplastics portfolio, a new laser-welded polycarbonate (PC) grade. This new formulation can be used in small appliances, personal care products, consumer electronics, healthcare equipment and industrial electronics. It helps manufacturers achieve high-fastness, particle- and flash-free welds in the production of thin-walled parts that meet increasingly complex design structures and users’ increasing aesthetic standards. In addition to welding performance, this new product has excellent flame retardancy, high impact and high flow properties to meet the unique needs of a variety of applications.

The key to the quality of plastic laser welding is the transmittance and absorption rate of the part for laser energy. Typically, flame retardants and colorants reduce the laser transmittance of a material, allowing the material to absorb less energy during the welding process, potentially reducing the strength of the weld. This new Edgetek polycarbonate laser welding formulation is available in four grades to meet the critical need for laser light transmittance, and is available in pre-colored or flame-retardant specifications without compromising the mechanical properties of the weld. This product combination provides strong, uniform weld strength with aesthetics. These materials can be tailored to customer-specific application and production needs from various industries.

“Compared with ultrasonic welding and vibration welding, plastic laser welding offers many advantages, such as unparalleled production efficiency and consistently high-quality finished products,” said Xu Tao, general manager of Avante’s Asia Pacific Specialty Engineered Materials business unit. “The new Edgetek The material is perfectly compatible with laser welding technology, giving designers great design flexibility to create products of great aesthetics and function. Since the material can be welded into the final product in one pass, there is no need for additional consumption for secondary processing energy, resulting in excellent sustainability.”

Avante laser welding materials are available in a variety of different base resin options such as polyamide 66 (PA66) and polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). These materials are currently produced in Asia and available globally. Avante can also provide on-site technical support to help manufacturers make the most of these new materials.