BASF (Guangdong) Zhanjiang integrated base project EO/EG plant started

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On September 16, the EO/EG plant of the BASF (Guangdong) Integrated Base Project undertaken by China National Chemical Engineering Third Construction Co., Ltd. started construction.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, the person in charge of the EO/EG project management department of BASF (Guangdong) said that he would effectively improve the position, fully understand and accurately grasp the significance of the project construction, strictly follow the requirements of the group company and the company, scientifically plan, carefully organize, High standards and strict requirements for high-efficiency construction of projects will contribute to the company’s efforts to build “two businesses” and “first-class” construction, and build itself into a world-class engineering company integrating R&D, design, investment, construction and operation.

The BASF (Guangdong) Integration Base Project is the first wholly foreign-owned large-scale petrochemical integration project in my country. As one of the core devices of the project, the EO/EG device is planned to be constructed from September 2022 to March 2025, with a large amount of engineering, a short construction period and complex procedures. BASF (Zhanjiang) EO/EG project management department actively organizes early-stage personnel to enter, create conditions, overcome difficulties, and wait for nothing. Actively communicate with owner BASF and management company FLUOR, and successfully complete the preparation for start-up and start construction in a short time. The ceremony was unanimously affirmed and praised by BASF and FLUOR.

The smooth start of the project set off an outpost for the full-scale construction of the EO/EG project, greatly encouraged the morale of the participating employees, clarified the direction of work, and determined to be a pioneer in the BASF (Guangdong) integrated base project battle. , Confidence and determination to complete the project construction on schedule with high quality and safety.