BASF’s “Automotive Color Trend Report 2022-2023” theme: New landscape

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● BASF explores the vitality of liminal space

Minds are changing and new value sequences are being formed

Response to increasing sustainability and functional needs

The new automotive color collections that BASF’s Coatings business unit launches globally each year are an important source of inspiration for automotive designers. While boldly exploring new color gamuts, BASF designers are also making continuous efforts in the sustainability and functionality of colors. In the 2022-2023 Automotive Color Trend Report: New Patterns (NEW
ARRAY) in innovative colors.

The new series is oriented to user needs and carefully arranges the value sequence, hence the name “New Pattern”. Imagine you are riding an elevator and you are in the liminal space between the start and end points. Based on such a spatial concept, the new series offers an innovative vision of the future of mobility.

Asia Pacific – Liminal Spaces, Unlimited Ideas

In a liminal space, the Asia-Pacific automotive colors represent comfort, joy and mood, and more importantly, it is a wonderful interpretation of the ever-expanding and increasingly important self-individuality. In the refraction and reflection of light, it seems that people’s elegant, calm and exciting stories are being staged.

Chiharu Matsubara, BASF’s Asia-Pacific automotive color designer, said: “Colors in the Asia-Pacific region outline a positive and pragmatic future. Here, you can stay away from all kinds of pressures in the real world, use colorful colors to portray yourself life.”

Europe, Middle East and Africa – opening doors to endless possibilities

The EMEA region takes texture performance to new heights with the introduction of new colors with dazzling colors and strong light and shadow effects. Darker tones reflect delicate and silky textures, and subtle changes in neutral color and light and shadow create a virtual temperament. Based on ideas and concepts, designers create distinctive, extraordinary and unique visual impressions with outstanding color effects.

Mark Gutjahr, Automotive Color Designer EMEA, BASF
Said: “On the whole, in addition to the uniqueness of the visual effect itself, how to subtly extend and expand the application of color effects and characteristics is also an important factor in determining the identity of color.”

America Markets – Ambitious and Positive

Do you want to step into a completely different area of ​​aesthetics while retaining a sophisticated look and attractive visuals? Society dominates people’s aesthetic direction. The American market has deep color texture and high matching degree, expressing people’s hope for progress. Whether it is an individual or a group, in the face of the natural and simple presentation effect, they will inevitably open their arms to the liminal space.

Liz, Automotive Color Designer, BASF Americas
Hoffman said: “Here, both individuals and groups can leave the complex emotions and troublesome events in daily life behind and find a piece of spiritual comfort. Exploring the infinite possibilities in the liminal space along the way is self-precipitation. The process is also a journey of opportunity to foresee the future.”

BASF Coatings Business Unit: Specialized in the art industry

Every year, the designers of BASF’s Coatings business unit develop innovative surface effects, color textures and color variants based on in-depth research on future trends. They share their research results with BASF customers and automotive designers to drive future mass production plans, drawing on industrial development, trend markets, consumer products, the natural environment, technology and other fields as inspiration.

Main color for Asia Pacific market: Blooming White

Main color of Chinese market: Ran Ran yellow