Avient expands portfolio of long-fiber composites with recycled content from PA66 and TPU

Latest News:On June 15, 2022, Avient Corporation, a leading provider of professional and sustainable material solutions and services, announced the expansion of its Complēt™ using recycled resins
REC’s portfolio of long fiber reinforced composites.

The new formulations can use different levels of post-industrial recycled content – ​​25% to 100% recycled content for polyamide 66 (PA66) and 25% to 75% recycled content for thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). These changes allow materials to be tailored to meet performance and sustainability requirements. This expands on a product range launched earlier this year with PA6 resin derived from recycled end-of-life fishing nets.

Eric, General Manager, Long Fiber Technology, Avient
Wollan said: “We are delighted to add a new resin matrix to our recycled content product line, continuing Avient’s commitment to leading the industry in sustainable solutions.

These new sustainable grades provide stiffness, strength and toughness with performance comparable to standard PA66 and TPU long fiber reinforced formulations using virgin resins. The structural properties of these composites make them ideal substitutes for metals. When used in metal replacement applications, they can help customers achieve significant weight savings while realizing the time and cost savings benefits of single-step injection molding manufacturing. Complet™
REC PA66 and TPU long fiber reinforced composites can help OEMs achieve their sustainability goals for structural applications in markets such as adventure gear and office furniture.

The formulations are available globally in black and natural colors, with reinforcement ratios of traditional long glass fiber, long carbon fiber or a hybrid combination. Formulations can also use varying levels of post-industrial recycled resin components.