XDD Debuts 2nd Skin Eco-Friendly Stretch Jeans for “One Size”

Latest: XDD has developed a new denim fabric called 2nd Skin, which is manufactured to provide jeans wearers with a sustainable super stretchy feel and Has excellent recovery capabilities.

Skin is XDD’s latest “one size fits all” collection that can fit people of all shapes and sizes, as larger jeans may be tighter and smaller ones looser. The collection was launched by the textile manufacturer during the Kingpins fair in Amsterdam in April
Part of the “One Size” story. Including “One Size”, XDD released seven products at the event, also debuting Vintage Friendly, Black Denim, Raw
Denim, Neutrals, Mild Hand Feel and Ecology Denim.

While it’s hard to make everything fit XDD’s “one-size-fits-all” standard, this story aims to do so by offering ultra-flexible options. XDD says there are two material elements that are 2nd
Features of Skin fabrics that help meet the “One Size” standard.

First from LYCRA®
ADAPTIV’s spandex fiber, a patent-pending adaptive fabric designed to adjust to the functional needs of the wearer. This means that when the wearer is at rest, the polymer adapts to its compression retention to provide the right fit, shape and control. When the wearer is in motion, the polymer adjusts its elasticity to provide better athletic comfort and a second-skin effect that allows the garment to stay on the body better. with LYCRA®
Garments made from ADAPTIV fiber fabrics are durable and easier to put on and take off.

The second element is EcoVero™, a fabric produced from specially processed wood pulp, often compared to silk and cotton. This viscose fiber is certified by Lenzing, provides softness on the skin, is eco-friendly, has 50% lower emissions and waste impact than regular viscose, is also biodegradable and sustainable.

This fabric is suitable for tight/skinny silhouettes while being comfortable enough to wear all day.

To produce 2nd
The Skin collection and delivering on the promise of “one size fits all”, XDD utilizes Aerate-Max technology to give denim a natural look and feel and includes extra details like eco-friendly treatments like laser treatment.

Manufacturer data shows that the fabric has a 5% increase in stretch and recovery compared to DualFX technology. This is a new development in the industry in the direction of “all-day comfort” in jeans production.

XDDPreparing for 2024New Spinning Mill Launch

In an effort to maintain its status as a true vertical mill factory, striving to embed continuous improvement into the manufacturing process, XDD will launch its new spinning mill in 2024. The factory is located in Quang, Vietnam
Ngai province, will be located next to the denim factory.

The purpose of the mill is to spin different types of products, in particular TENCEL™ Lyocell™, EcoVero™, Modal™, TENCEL™x
REFIBRA™, as well as T400, Creora® and other cotton products.

By combining its commitment to sustainable fabrics with vintage inspiration, responsible manufacturing processes and reducing waste, XDD aims to further develop collections that benefit both consumers and the environment. As XDD production capacity increases, the company aims to maintain consistent quality and maintain the advantages of vintage fabrics.