Avient Introduces Next-Generation Solutions to Promote the Use of Recycled Plastics in Packaging Applications

Latest News:On June 16, 2022, Avient Corporation, a leading provider of professional and sustainable material solutions and services, launched a new technology for polyolefins and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Breakthrough PCR color prediction service for resins, and the company’s new polyolefin antioxidant Cesa™
Nox A4R additive for recycling. These sustainable solutions are specifically designed to improve the customer experience when using packaging materials with post-consumer recycled (PCR) ingredients. Both are Avient
Eight ways to help customers improve sustainability.

Norbert, Vice President and General Manager, Colors, Additives and Inks, EMEA, Avient
Merklein said: “Avient is fully committed to increasing opportunities to expand the use of recycled polymers, addressing any barriers that arise during the recycling process or when customers want to incorporate PCR components into existing or new applications. Our Cesa
A4R recycling additives, as well as PCR color prediction services, help overcome these barriers. These are two new ways Avient is contributing to the circular economy, enabling customers to achieve their sustainability goals. ”

Calculate color gamut

PCR color prediction services help brand owners understand what colors can be achieved based on PCR usage. It uses sophisticated technology to determine, through prior color matching, whether color is feasible in a new application involving PCR components. A first for the plastics industry, this in-house developed solution also calculates how much PCR components can be added to existing applications without compromising its signature color.

Using proprietary software, Avient’s experts measured the properties of the resin to determine the range of colors that could be successfully reproduced in a specific PCR-based material. This premium service simplifies and expedites the selection of preferred colors for polymers containing PCR components, avoiding time-consuming trial and error. By expediting the evaluation process, this service also provides greater flexibility for customers who may need to switch from one source of PCR components to another, which is especially important due to the variability of supply today.

Improved PCRContent stability

Avient’s new Cesa Nox
A4R recycling additives are based on a special formulation that protects post-consumer polyolefins from oxidation, which can cause defects such as black spots, gels and discoloration. Antioxidants can be added to PCR components early in the recycling process or added to the virgin resin in preparation for future recycling.

Cesa Nox
A4R recycling additives offer excellent value. They use half the reduction rate required for standard antioxidants. Applications for polyolefins stabilized with this additive include packaging, automotive parts, and consumer products.