Baling Petrochemical’s new medical polycaprolactone products are sold for the first time

Latest News: On July 25, a batch of new medical polycaprolactone products produced by the Baling Petrochemical polycaprolactone pilot plant was sold for the first time. The company has made new progress in the development and application of medical degradable high-end new materials, and medical polycaprolactone products have achieved the whole process from research and development, production to sales.

The development of medical polycaprolactone preparation technology is one of the new chemical material development projects that Sinopec Group Corporation focuses on, and it will be included in the Baling Petrochemical project in 2022. The company’s refining department included it in the key work plan of the theme action, and coordinated the promotion.

On June 15, the pilot plant of Baling Petrochemical’s polycaprolactone was successfully started and successively produced several grades of medical polycaprolactone products. The R&D team provided trial products to downstream medical orthopaedic splint manufacturers in a timely manner. After the trial, customers reported that the product quality met their production requirements, and decided to purchase and use them in batches in late July.

As an important derivative of caprolactone, polycaprolactone is an excellent degradable green material with good biodegradability, biocompatibility, shape memory properties and low temperature flexibility, and is mainly used in the medical field. In in vitro medicine, polycaprolactone can be used as a medical orthopaedic splint to replace the traditional gypsum splint. In addition, polycaprolactone can also be used as a positioning film for medical radiotherapy, which can achieve precise positioning and improve the therapeutic effect. In the non-medical field, polycaprolactone is often used as 3D printing consumables, shoe materials, masterbatches, hot melt adhesives, etc., and has a broad market prospect.