BASF and Daoneng Technology demonstrate the infinite possibilities of co-creating and laying integrated photovoltaic panels

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● BASF and Daoneng Technology will further develop innovative high-efficiency technologies to drive the next wave of solar energy applications

September 21, 2022 – BASF and Daoneng Technology Co., Ltd. (Daoneng Technology) jointly develop paved integrated photovoltaic (PIPV) panels that can be installed on new or existing roads and other surfaces. BASF designed and optimized a polyurethane (PU) for Daoneng Technology’s lay-in integrated photovoltaic panels to provide outstanding abrasion resistance, excellent mechanical properties and longer product life.

Douglas Matthews, CEO of Daoneng Technology
Matthews): “Our lay-in photovoltaic panels help transform traditional infrastructure into renewable energy. Through the optimized polyurethane solution we created with BASF, our panels can withstand severe weather and prevent theft and vandalism , and support the weight of trucks without damage, more cost-effectively delivering more of the clean energy we need through infrastructure.”

The co-creation project is part of an ongoing collaboration between BASF and Daoneng Technology to develop innovative energy-saving technologies to drive the next wave of solar energy applications.

Andy Bao, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, Performance Materials, BASF
Postlethwaite) said: “BASF’s co-creation demonstrates how it can empower the future through the collaboration of strategic partners, supported by a broad portfolio of innovative materials solutions and capabilities. With our materials and technical expertise, we collaborate to develop solutions that meet the needs of the market. demand and accelerate the time-to-market of innovative products.”

Laying integrated photovoltaic panels saves land space while providing clean and renewable energy for applications such as grid or electric vehicles, lighting and deicing.