BASF expands production capacity for key specialty amines in North America

Latest: On June 28, 2022, BASF announced that it will increase production capacity for key specialty amines at its Geismar, Louisiana site. BASF will be able to produce additional key polyetheramines and tertiary amines sold under the Baxxodur® and Lupragen™ brands after completing the capacity expansion of a flexible world-class production asset in mid-2023. The assets in North America will complement a global network of specialty amine production plants, including integrated sites in Ludwigshafen, Germany, and Nanjing, China.

Kevin, Vice President, Amines, Acetylenes and Carbonyl Derivatives, BASF’s North American Chemical Intermediates business
“This investment underscores our commitment to continuing to support our customers’ growth with high-quality specialty amines,” said Anderson. “The addition of capacity at the Geismar site will allow us to respond quickly and reliably to growing market demands.”

BASF’s Baxxodur portfolio is used by customers as high-efficiency curing agents and chain extenders for epoxy resins and polyureas in the wind energy, power, composites, adhesives and flooring industries. Using Baxxodur products allows customers to reap a wide range of benefits in their formulations, including cure time, hardness, flexibility, peel strength, chemical resistance and temperature resistance.

BASF’s Lupragen products are highly efficient amine catalysts for polyurethanes (PU). These catalysts are usually tertiary amines, which are needed to promote the reaction of the main components – isocyanates and polyols. Depending on the choice of catalyst, the polyurethane molding process can be controlled to enhance the gelling or foaming reaction. BASF’s Lupragen product portfolio includes several low-VOC catalysts to support addressing growing sustainable emissions reduction goals.

With around 300 different amines, BASF has one of the most diverse portfolios of chemical intermediates in the world. In addition to alkylamines, alkanolamines and alkoxyalkylamines, BASF also offers heterocyclic, aromatic and specialty amines. The series is completed by an ever-expanding portfolio of chiral amines of high optical and chemical purity. These multifunctional products are mainly used in the production of process chemicals, pharmaceuticals and crop protection products, as well as cosmetics and detergents. They can also be used to produce coatings, specialty plastics, composites and specialty fibers.