BASF to showcase outdoor clothing made from recycled waste tires

Latest: Outdoor clothing made from recycled tires will be among the exhibits at the BASF booth at the K2022 Polymer Expo in Dusseldorf from October 19-26.

Produced through a partnership between a German chemical company and outdoor clothing brand Vaude, the pants are made from polyamide 6 fibers derived from chemically recycled rubber.

To produce Ultramid Ccycled polyamide, BASF uses pyrolysis oil from end-of-life tires to partially replace fossil feedstocks.

Products from the thermochemical process are used as feedstocks at the company’s integrated chemical site in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

Using a certified mass balance method, these chemicals are dispensed into specific products, including Ultramid Ccycled products, that are manufactured in an integrated manner.

According to BASF, the final product has exactly the same properties as an equivalent product made from fossil raw materials and can be processed using conventional equipment.

“Ultramid Ccycled is an innovative polyamide 6 for the manufacture of high-quality textiles,” said Christoph Gahn, Vice President of Business Management Polyamides at BASF.

“During the production process, we save on fossil raw materials and at the same time provide our customers with a smaller carbon footprint,” adds Christoph Gahn.

René Bethmann, Innovation Manager at Vaude, said: “We want to be a pioneer in building a circular economy for our functional clothing. By using Ultramid
Ccycled, we can reduce our carbon footprint by more than half. ”