Binhua Group and Nanshan Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Latest News: On August 15, Binhua Group and Nanshan Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, the two parties will rely on their own resources, give full play to their experience, technology and other advantages, and start strategic cooperation in high-end petrochemical, marine chemical, international trade, scientific and technological research and development and other fields to achieve mutual benefit and common development.

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On the morning of the 15th, Song Jianbo, chairman of Yulong Petrochemical, chairman of Nanshan Group, Luo Qiang, director of Nanshan Group and general manager of Yulong Petrochemical, etc. visited Binhua Group for inspection and exchange. Binhua Group Chairman Yu Jiang and President Ren Yuanbin accompanied the event.

Song Jianbo and his party visited the exhibition hall of Binhua Group and learned about the development history, business performance, strategic planning and social responsibility of Binhua Group.

During the discussion, Yu Jiang welcomed Chairman Song Jianbo and his party, and introduced the situation of Binhua Group. He said that Binhua Group has more than 50 years of development history. Since the beginning of this year, the company has paid more attention to organizational talents, strategic research layout, ecological platform construction, innovation system construction, and corporate culture construction. On June 12, Binhua Group held a kick-off meeting for building an ecological platform enterprise. Binhua is consolidating the cornerstone of core competitiveness with a higher perspective and more open thinking, gathering more industrial partners, and embracing a broader value space.

Song Jianbo introduced that Nanshan Group was established in 1978 and has a complete aluminum industry chain. In recent years, Nanshan Group has actively promoted the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, built Yulong Petrochemical Industrial Park, and is committed to building a domestic leading and world-class marine environment-friendly high-end petrochemical industrial park. Nanshan Group adheres to the “going out” development strategy. Since 2013, it has successively developed new projects in Singapore and Indonesia, involving electrolytic aluminum, aluminum deep processing, storage bases, crude oil processing, green electricity and other fields. He expressed the hope that Nanshan Group and Binhua Group could give full play to their respective advantages in technology and resources, and have more and more extensive cooperation in petrochemical downstream, scientific and technological research and development, etc., to form a strong alliance and achieve win-win cooperation.

Dong Hongbo, vice president of Binhua Group, introduced the company’s caustic soda production experience, equipment and downstream products, equipment technology, development ideas, strategic adjustment and other aspects.

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At the end of the discussion, Luo Qiang and Ren Yuanbin signed a strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of Nanshan Group and Binhua Group respectively.

On the afternoon of the 15th, Song Jianbo and his party went to Binhua New Materials Co., Ltd. to visit and inspect the construction site of the C3C4 comprehensive utilization project, the central control room and exhibition hall of Binhua New Materials Co., Ltd.