China’s first large tow carbon fiber production line

Latest News: On August 15th, Shanghai Petrochemical’s first large tow carbon fiber production line was handed over, and the installation of the project equipment was completed, which is a key step for the next stage of trial production. Shanghai Petrochemical has become the first company in China and the fourth company in the world to master the production technology of large tow carbon fiber. The first phase of the CCCC project has realized the localization of all equipment and is expected to be put into production this year.

In the carbon fiber industry, the number of carbon fibers per bundle is usually more than 48,000 (referred to as 48K) as large tow carbon fibers. At present, each bundle of carbon fibers in China is basically between 1,000 and 12,000, which are called small tows. The biggest advantage of 48K large tow is that under the same production conditions, it can greatly improve the single-line production capacity and quality performance of carbon fiber, and achieve low production costs, thereby breaking the application limitations caused by the high price of carbon fiber.

Shanghai Petrochemical’s large-tow carbon fiber is a new high-strength fiber material with a carbon content of more than 95%. Corrosion-resistant properties, known as the “king of new materials” and “black gold”, can be widely used in aircraft parts, rail transit raw materials, body manufacturing, etc.

Carbon fiber technology has strict technical barriers, so far only a few developed countries in the world have mastered it. Shanghai Petrochemical, together with Shanghai Petrochemical Research Institute, Shanghai Engineering Company, etc., as well as more than 10 universities, research institutes and enterprises such as Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Fudan University, have embarked on a collaborative innovation system that combines production, education, research and application with enterprises as the main body. Road, made a major breakthrough in 2018, successfully trial-produced 48K large tow carbon fiber, and went through the entire process.

It is reported that Sinopec’s carbon fiber technology has independent intellectual property rights, and has obtained 274 related patents and 165 authorizations, ranking first in China and third in the world.

Since the start of the project construction, all enterprises affiliated to Sinopec have cooperated and cooperated, especially in the face of difficulties and challenges such as the outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai and the continuous high temperature weather, Shanghai Petrochemical, Shanghai Engineering Company, Shijian Company, Ningbo Engineering Company and other projects participated in the project. Construction enterprises put epidemic prevention and control, safe construction and safety management in the first place, strengthen the management of direct operation links, and jointly build a safe production line of defense for project construction to ensure high-quality and efficient progress of the project.