Clariant’s new Dispersogen® Flex 100: ideal for high-quality sustainable pigment preparations

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● Universal dispersant for organic and inorganic pigment preparations

● High flexibility from colorants to paints, 100% active content

● Features low VOC and no special labels, awarded Clariant’s prestigious EcoTain® label

August 4, 2022 – Clariant, the world’s leading supplier of specialty chemicals, introduces its first general-purpose polymeric dispersant for high-quality pigment preparations, suitable for both organic and inorganic pigments, in various Water-based paint. In addition, using Dispersogen
Waterborne pigment preparations of Flex 100 also combine good compatibility with solvent-borne coatings.

This new universal solution provides an innovative, versatile and easy-to-use additive for colorants manufacturers and paint manufacturers who also produce colorants. Fabio, Marketing Director, Clariant Specialty Industries & Consumer Goods
“Dispersogen Flex 100 is a general-purpose product with low VOCs and no special labelling, and was awarded the Clariant EcoTain label,” said Caravieri.

Hermann Bach, Director of Strategic Marketing and Innovation, Clariant Specialty Industrial & Consumer Goods business unit: “Choose Dispersogen Flex
100 is nothing to worry about. This high-end dispersant offers great flexibility in colorant preparation and tinting with colorants. ”

Introducing the high-end Dispersogen Flex
The 100 is one of Clariant’s initiatives to move its product portfolio in a sustainable direction, with the aim of harnessing the power of innovation to develop safer, sustainable alternatives for the market. The new product is available in the global paint and coatings market.

Dispersogen Flex 100 Dispersant

Dispersant sampling

PO83 color paste viscosity

DispersogenFlex100 anti-flocculation and anti-settling comparison