Coves innovatively builds Shanghai elastomer factory, one-stop solution for sustainable growth

Latest News: On July 8, 2022, material manufacturer Covestro held a ground-breaking ceremony for a new elastomer factory in Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone, aiming to meet the future demand for polyurethane elastomers in China and the Asia-Pacific region. growing market demand. The factory is located in the Covestro Shanghai integrated base and is expected to be operational in 2023.

Lei Huanli, President of Covestro China, said: “The new projects will contribute to high-quality and sustainable development in China and beyond. They will also further enhance the scale and strength of Covestro’s integrated base in Shanghai. The site plays an important role in the group’s progress towards achieving climate neutrality in its operations by 2035.”

Polyurethane elastomer has excellent performance, is widely used, and has huge future development space

Polyurethane elastomers are widely used in offshore wind power, photovoltaic and material transportation industries. The market growth rate of these high-performance materials in China and the Asia-Pacific region is higher than that of GDP and downstream industries. Polyurethane elastomers have excellent properties and have become an ideal solution for many applications.

Chen Min, Asia Pacific Director of Covestro’s Elastomer Division, said: “Polyurethane elastomers have excellent performance and can be used in most rubber-related applications. In contrast, polyurethane elastomers have a certain level of performance. The wear resistance in the hardness range is several times that of ordinary rubber, and the mechanical properties are better. In addition, the production process is simpler, the energy consumption is lower, and the pollution is less. These are very suitable for Covestro’s sustainable development strategy. It is conceivable that polyurethane elastomers There is huge room for future development. From some traditional applications such as mining, automotive, transportation, to renewable energy such as offshore wind power, photovoltaics, and digital logistics related to e-commerce, polyurethane elastomers have penetrated into all industries that are closely related to our lives. .”

The application of polyurethane elastomers in the field of wind power is very critical and one of the focus of future development

Mr. Chen told a reporter from LJ Consulting: “We are particularly concerned about the rapid development of clean energy, which is consistent with China’s goal of peaking carbon by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060. A good solution. Covestro’s polyurethane cast elastomers maintain a leading position in the application of wind power and solar photovoltaic power generation, especially in the Asia-Pacific region, we lead the promotion and development of these technologies. Our polyurethane elastomers are used in Bending limiters, stiffeners and other components to protect submarine cables in the offshore wind power industry, as well as large photovoltaic rollers for single crystal silicon wafer cutting in the solar photovoltaic power generation industry. Especially in the offshore wind power field, our elastomer solutions play a role in With the excellent properties of both elasticity and mechanical strength of polyurethane elastomer, it can well protect submarine cables and prolong the service life of submarine cables. We are very optimistic about the development of elastomers in the field of wind power generation.”

One-stop solution enables sustainable growth and further enhances customer service capabilities

“Covestro is the industry’s preferred partner for traditional applications and new ones. We are committed to providing a one-stop solution to provide customers with convenient, comprehensive and more sustainable polyurethane elasticity Body Solutions.’One
single source to cast a sustainable
future.’” Mr. Chen said: “We not only have complete material solutions, we also have production equipment, and at the same time provide customers with technical service support, which is equivalent to a customized service provider for turnkey projects. From this, when some new applications and new industries appear, we may have an advantage, and we can develop more new application scenarios with our partners. ”

In order to support the fast-growing Chinese and Asia-Pacific markets, Covestro elastomers continue to add local supplies and are currently producing in Tianjin, Shanghai Caojing and Japan. A new factory in Thailand is under construction and is scheduled to start production by the end of 2022. Covestro’s new PU Elastomer Shanghai plant will ensure that it has a strong production capacity to meet customer demand.