Covestro brings new products from various industries to the 25th China Adhesive and Adhesive Tape Industry Annual Conference

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New sustainable adhesive solutions promote innovation and iteration in downstream applications

Using bio-based technology and degradable technology as levers to leverage industry transformation and upgrading

On September 8, 2022, Covestro appeared at the 25th China Adhesive and Adhesive Tape Industry Annual Conference with the theme of “Creating and Continuing the Future”. Focusing on the theme of the annual conference “accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading, and promoting green and low-carbon development”, Covestro comprehensively displayed green and low-carbon solutions in multiple industries, including new product releases focusing on sports and leisure, consumer electronics and other fields, aiming to empower the innovation of raw materials. Can industry iterative upgrades.

Under the guidance of China’s “two carbon” goals and environmental protection policies, water-based adhesives have achieved rapid growth as a substitute for solvent-based adhesives, and the market scale has continued to expand. The expansion of the water-based adhesive market has effectively driven the rising demand for water-based polyurethane dispersions (PUDs). PUD-based coatings and adhesives are expected to be the preferred choice for downstream applications such as automotive, construction, furniture, footwear and packaging.

In order to meet the growing market demand, Covestro invested in the construction of a new PUD factory and a polyester resin production line for PUD raw materials in the Shanghai integrated base in July this year, continuing to deploy high-quality and sustainable development in China and some overseas markets.

Water-based bonding solution, leading the green transformation of the consumer electronics industry

The water-based polyurethane adhesive solution released by Covestro for consumer electronic accessories products can be used in consumer electronic product storage boxes, smart speaker wrapping, tablet computer protective shells and other fields. Covestro waterborne solutions comply with the national standard GB
33372-2020 requires that the VOC content be effectively reduced compared to traditional solvent-based adhesives. This solution meets environmental performance without sacrificing the material’s high adaptability, ease of handling, and good bonding properties. Using Covestro’s water-based solutions can help industry customers expand the range of substrate material selection and achieve personalized 3D appearance. In addition, its high humidity and heat resistance will also ensure the reliability during the product life cycle and effectively solve the multi-scenario application requirements of consumer electronic products.

Water-based one-component shoe glue solution, enabling high-efficiency production

The new water-based one-component shoe glue solution released at the same time, on the basis of ensuring the bonding strength, heat resistance and hydrolysis resistance, can realize the environmental friendliness of the product itself through the technology of water-based polyurethane dispersion, and use technological innovation to solve the pain points of the industry, Enable efficient production.

The athletic footwear manufacturing industry is transforming from labor-intensive to smart manufacturing. As a result, streamlined industrial processes and automation technologies are receiving increasing attention. Dispercoll®, Covestro’s one-component waterborne polyurethane technology for the bonding of shoe components
U can not only help manufacturers save on-site glue mixing process, but also its unique performance can reduce the probability of dead glue and greatly improve the efficiency of the process.

Circular Economy Product Portfolio, Creating and Sustaining the Future

In addition to new product launches, Covestro also showcased circular economy solutions in more fields at the annual meeting, demonstrated its strategic policy of integrating business development and corporate social responsibility, and continued to empower the future of the industry.

● Shoe glue curing agent product Desmodur®
The bio-based content of eco reaches about 70%, which can enable the footwear industry to achieve a lower carbon footprint and help the industry to reduce carbon footprint. Its high practicality can help industry customers directly apply the product to the original formulation system without adjustment.

● In response to the sustainable development trend of the flexible packaging industry, Covestro launched Dispercoll® U compostable flexible packaging adhesive solution. The solution is based on European DIN EN13432
And the American ASTM D6400-04 standard, achieves a high (about 90%) degradation rate under controlled aerobic conditions. This will be more conducive to the high-efficiency degradation of packaging materials.

Part of the bio-based bottle label adhesive raw material, Discovery®, is an aqueous alkali-soluble acrylic copolymer dispersion with a bio-based content of approximately 35%. According to internal calculations by Covestro, every 1 kg of Discovery® can achieve an overall carbon reduction of 0.3 kg. At the same time, its easy-to-remove feature is more conducive to simplifying the recycling process and helping the packaging industry to achieve sustainable development in an all-round way.

Some bio-based epoxy toughener Desmocap® products developed based on cashew nut shell oil extract are mainly used in automotive, wind power, rail transit and other industries. While achieving environmental friendliness, the solution will effectively improve the flexibility and bonding strength of the epoxy system, with excellent performance.

Covestro is committed to taking multiple measures to develop innovative and sustainable product solutions in various fields of daily life, introducing new perspectives to the industry through technological innovation and carbon reduction solutions, and stimulating innovation.