Huafon Group and Wanhua Chemical Renew Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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Recently, Huafon Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Huafeng”) and Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wanhua Chemical”) renewed the strategic cooperation agreement in Hangzhou Huafon International. With this renewal, the strategic cooperation between the two parties will cover more product businesses, deepen cooperation fields, optimize cooperation models, improve cooperation quality, and achieve win-win cooperation. At the meeting, Li Limin, vice president of Wanhua Chemical, and You Feihuang, vice president of Huafon Group, signed the contract on behalf of both parties. Wanhua Chemical President Kou Guangwu, Wanhua Chemical (Ningbo) Party Secretary and General Manager Sun Shaowen, Huafon Group Chairman You Feiyu, Huafon Group Vice President You Feifeng and other leaders witnessed the event.

During the symposium, the two parties exchanged and discussed the economic situation and industrial development at home and abroad. Kou Guangwu focused on the development of Wanhua Chemical in recent years and the future plans for polyurethane and petrochemical business. He said that Wanhua Chemical should do a good job in the polyurethane industry. Balancer, effectively avoid the large fluctuations in raw material prices, and strive to make the industry develop steadily and healthily. At the same time, Wanhua and Huafon are leading enterprises in their respective fields. The two sides should strengthen cooperation and exchanges and move forward hand in hand.

“Huafeng Group and Wanhua Chemical have a long history of cooperation and are each other’s most important partners in the polyurethane industry. During the last three-year strategic cooperation period, the two sides have maintained good Close cooperation.” In his speech, You Feiyu praised Wanhua Chemical’s contribution to the development of the polyurethane industry, and proposed that Huafon would further increase the production capacity of spandex, adipic acid and other products in the future, and hoped to continue to deepen cooperation with Wanhua Chemical, not only limited In the field of polyurethane, the two parties should jointly enhance the breadth and depth of strategic cooperation in petrochemicals, degradable plastics, procurement business, IT management, etc.

After the ceremony, the delegates visited the online control system exhibition hall of Huafon Smart Anhuan Park to learn more about Huafon’s innovative achievements in the information management of chemical parks.