Covestro releases new version of CMF design trends, giving new aesthetic opportunities to three industries

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●《2022 | 2023
CMF Design Trends Report covers the automotive, electrical and medical industries

● Team up with Tongji University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Goodmatter

● Release the report simultaneously with Milan Design Week

Color, material and finish (CMF) is playing an increasingly important role in the design and aesthetics of industrial products. As a pioneer in exploring innovative solutions for CMF, material manufacturer Covestro today released “2022” at Shanghai (online) and Milan Design Week simultaneously.
| 2023
CMF Design Trends Report. At the same time, with the design concepts of “awakening”, “symbiosis” and “empowerment”, Covestro presented its industry-forward CMF aesthetic color palette to customers, partners and the audience of Milan Design Week. The company plans to host more similar events and presentations in the near future.

Dr. Christopher, Head of the Global Color and Design Center (CMF) at Covestro Engineering Plastics
Stillings) said: “In order to better integrate the aesthetics and functionality of materials, Covestro has teamed up with top designers and CMF experts to launch a new edition of the CMF Trend Report. Covestro is not only a material supplier, but also aspires to be a designer and CMF.
The preferred partner for specialists who provide inspiration for the realization of concepts or strategies through materials. We are able to add value by implementing functional, aesthetic and circular design elements. ”

Explore global trends from a Chinese perspective

“2022 | 2023 CMF Design Trend Report” by Covestro, Tongji University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Goodmatter
The studio is jointly completed, taking the Chinese perspective as the origin of the design trend research. The impact of globalization on industrial design is becoming more and more pronounced, especially reflected in the convergence of global consumer lifestyles and business patterns. Although the theme of industrial design is universal, it is equally important that diverse cultural expressions resonate with local consumer groups. Covestro hopes to capture the cultural relevance of each local market while keeping abreast of global design trends. China is in the stage of transformation and upgrading from “Made in China” to “Designed in China”. In the new report, Covestro hopes to bring more inspiration to global customers through Chinese design elements. Yang Wenqing, associate professor at the School of Design and Innovation of Tongji University, said, “From China as the origin to explore global trends, Covestro’s innovative aesthetic design has brought new color trends to the industry in the new era.”

In this cooperation, Covestro and its partners have presented trend reports for the three major industrial fields of automobile, electronic and electrical, and medical and health by collecting consumer insight data and conducting expert seminars. Come to the new aesthetic machine. “I am very pleased to participate in this color research and development project. At this challenging time, Covestro insists on innovation. I hope this trend report can lead industry customers to new success.” Associate Professor, Design Trends, School of Design, Shanghai Jiaotong University Fu Jiong, director of the institute, said.

Unique creative presentation,CMFAesthetic palette inspires design

For designers, aesthetic swatches are key to understanding the potential of a material. Covestro’s CMF aesthetic palettes are made of polycarbonate and help designers further unlock polycarbonate materials as well as thermoplastic polyurethane and carbon fiber composites through unique creative presentations such as different shapes, textures, finishes, etc. The performance of other materials inspires more creative inspiration. With a strong ability from front-end trend research to back-end design application, Covestro CMF Aesthetic Swatches won the 2022 German Design Award “Excellence in Product Design – Materials and Surfaces”. As one of the most prestigious design awards in the world, this is an important recognition of Covestro’s continuous innovation in the field of CMF.

Covestro believes that new trends will bring new challenges, which will lead to new CMF solutions. Through material solutions and CMF aesthetic swatches,
Covestro gives designers more inspiration to enhance the aesthetics, functionality and sustainability of their designs, thereby creating added value for their customers. Through CMF-related activities, Covestro aims to inspire designers to explore further application opportunities for polycarbonate in the consumer market.