Covestro showcases new polyurethane (PU) coating systems and films at Techtextil 2022

Latest: At this year’s Techtextil in Frankfurt, Germany, Covestro will showcase new polyurethane (PU) coating systems and films that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly in terms of raw materials, processing and performance compatibility. Thomas, Head of Textile Coatings, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America (EMLA) at Covestro
“For example, we will demonstrate new polyurethane dispersions as adhesives for digital textile printing, as well as our new two-component (2K) polyurethane high-solids system with INSQIN® technology for textile coatings,” explains Michaelis. Covestro’s stand will also focus on modified Dureflex® thermoplastic polyurethane films, which are skin-compatible and manufactured according to OEKO-TEX®
The 100 standard guarantees no harmful substances.

Good touch, durability and high color strength

Digital textile printing enables economical production of small batches, shortens time to market, and reduces waste by 85% compared to analog printing techniques. Currently, polyurethane dispersions have established themselves in the production of inks for digital inkjet printing processes because, among other things, they enable stable printing processes due to their low viscosity and particle size. by Impranil®
In 1602, Covestro introduced a new anionic, aliphatic polyurethane dispersion that can be used to formulate water-based pigment inks for digital inkjet printing. The dispersion exhibits excellent stability at high shear rates. They produce very fine ink dispersions with good jetting behavior and are characterized by high resolubility. Inga, digital printing specialist at Covestro
Dr Bargende explained: “This minimises the risk of clogging of the pressure nozzles. This will result in longer run times in printing and therefore more economical. Other advantages of polyurethane inks include good abrasion and rub resistance as well as high Color fastness and scrub resistance.”

Long processing pot life and high particle stability

New INSQIN® 2K Polyurethane Material Portfolio Composed of Impranil® HS 1062 and Imprafix® IO
3330 composition. It mainly targets synthetic materials for automotive interiors. This high solids system does not require a blocking agent. “However, it is characterized by a long pot life during processing. This means, for example, that processors do not necessarily have to use PU mixing heads. It also makes the granules highly stable and particularly resistant to hydrolysis.” Michaelis explained. Potential applications include instrument panels, seats, door panels or steering wheels.

Hazardous Substance FreeTPUFilm

Several TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) films from the Dureflex® product range of Covestro have now passed O OEKO-TEX®
100 standard certification. These films are breathable, waterproof, tear-resistant, and most importantly, skin-friendly. This makes them the material of choice for sporting goods and outdoor clothing, as well as furniture and car seat covers. In 2019, several Platilon® brand TPU film grades have been certified to this standard.

Covestro will also present part of its biobased Platilon® H2 at Techtextil
EC hot melt adhesive film. “It exhibits excellent adhesion during lamination, is very heat resistant, and is easy to process. Applications include textile labels, weatherstrips, glass and aluminium laminates, and conductive tracks in the textile and automotive industries.” EMLA Regional Consumer Elmar, Specialty Films Division Manager, Consumer and Industrial Solutions
Dr. Lins explained.