INVISTA’s Camden nylon 6,6 plant to exit fiber to supply commercial resin

Latest: INVISTA has announced plans to reconfigure its Camden, SC Nylon-6,6 plant to supply resin to the commercial market rather than fiber to the carpet market. The $60 million renovation project will include the installation of new process and logistics capabilities. Work will begin this year and is expected to be completed in 2024.

INVISTA said the growth in demand for nylon 6,6 resin is driven by trends such as electric vehicles and the Internet of Things, which require engineering plastics that can support electrification and increase complexity in a range of challenging operating conditions. “Over the past few years, market trends have shown a decline in our BCF [bulk continuous filament] product, while demand for polymers has risen,” a company spokesperson said. “The transformation of the plant is a A reflection of this ongoing shift.”

It is reported that INVISTA has 130,000 tons/year of nylon 6,6 resin production capacity in Camden, and another 390,000 tons/year of production capacity is distributed in factories in Canada, the Netherlands and China.