Covestro: TPU mass balance solution to promote the development of “circular economy” in the shoe industry

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More and more attention has been paid to sustainable development, and many shoe material manufacturers have started green transformation, looking for low-carbon and sustainable raw materials. To meet the needs of shoe manufacturers, Covestro offers TPU
Mass balance footwear material solutions that help customers transition to a more circular economy by reducing carbon footprint without compromising product performance.

Mass-balanced TPUs from Covestro’s Desmopan® CQ and Utechllan® CQ product families for Jessin
The solution not only perfectly fits the customer’s needs for sustainable shoe film applications, but also helps them to further expand the application of renewable and recycled materials.

Seeking renewable TPU materials Further transition to circular economy

ISCC Plus certified ready-to-use mass balance TPU from Covestro
The combination of solutions meets the needs of Jiexin, as a customized manufacturer of sustainable shoe materials, to provide consumers with personalized shoes with innovative design and comfort, while also considering the needs of product sustainability. Covestro integrates the concept of circular economy into it, helping Jiexin upgrade
The TPU film line and the material of its sneaker brand Joniro® make it more sustainable while maintaining its original design.

Reduce production defects and high costs Meet market demands quickly and flexibly

When Jessin tried other sustainable solutions earlier, it needed to make major adjustments to the production process, which not only led to a significant increase in the defect rate and cost, but also hindered its implementation of a circular economy.

In today’s rapidly changing consumer demand, Jiexin must quickly adjust its supply chain and production to better meet market demand. They need more sustainable solutions to help them increase productivity and efficiency.

More circularmass balance TPU solution

In order to achieve comprehensive circular development, Covestro hopes to achieve complete transparency of raw material traceability information and help our customers reduce their carbon footprint. With the mass balance certification, Covestro now offers a solution that can be implemented immediately in existing production processes without additional adjustments.

Covestro has developed this ISCC Plus certified ready-to-use mass-balanced TPU for Jessin from the Desmopan® CQ and Utechlan® CQ portfolio
solutions, enhance the sustainable performance of its new products, enhance the brand’s competitive advantage in the consumer market, and contribute to Jiexin’s goal of pursuing sustainable development.

Desmopan® CQ and Utechlan® CQ
The product portfolio is available in different proportions of biomass content, with the same quality and performance as fossil-based feedstocks, providing a more recyclable solution and an ideal alternative to fossil-based materials. Jiexin does not need to make additional technical adjustments to reduce production losses while maintaining product quality. Under the existing manufacturing system, Jiexin can directly adopt sustainable materials extracted from biological raw materials through mass balance method, which can be directly applied to existing production lines and manufacturing parameters without additional technical adjustments, which is consistent with Jiexin’s concept of developing a circular economy coincides with that.

Desmopan® CQ and Utechlan® CQ series products provide excellent hydrolysis resistance, radiation resistance, grease resistance, abrasion resistance, solvent resistance and weather resistance, and are the sports shoe brands of Jiexin
Joniro® provides superior surface protection, helping Jessin meet customer demand for more sustainable, comfortable, personalized footwear.

Key benefits of Covestro’s mass-balanced TPU solution

■Sustainability: Using renewable plastic and biomass raw materials as production materials reduces plastic waste and brings greater sustainability.

■High Durability:Excellent surface protection with excellent waterproof, radiation, grease, abrasion, solvent, weathering and weathering resistance properties.

■Ready-to-use: No need to adjust existing production lines or manufacturing parameters, it can be used directly in the original manufacturing system.

■Collaboration: Work seamlessly with value chain partners to provide the footwear industry with more sustainable materials.

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The raw materials of the product series are produced in mainland China and Taiwan, which not only shortens the supply process at the port of the value chain, but also provides timely technical assistance.