Henan introduced the material industry “change lane and lead” plan

Latest News: Recently, Henan Province issued the “Henan Province Action Plan for Accelerating the Reconstruction of Advantages in the Materials Industry (2022~2025)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Action Plan”), which will transform and upgrade 4 advanced foundations Materials industry, cultivate and expand 5 key strategic material industries, and forward-looking layout of 4 cutting-edge new material industries. By 2025, Henan will basically realize the re-engineering of advantages in the province’s material industry, lead the way and lead a green and low-carbon transformation, and become an important material innovation highland and advanced material base in the country.

The “Action Plan” proposes to improve the development of advanced chemical materials such as new nylon materials, degradable materials, bio-based materials, advanced membrane materials, fluorine-based new materials, and new salinized materials.

In terms of new nylon materials, vigorously develop special nylon fibers, nylon chips, nylon engineering plastics, aramid skeleton materials, and dope dyed fibers, make nylon industrial yarns, civilian yarns, and composite nylon fabrics bigger and stronger, and promote nylon injection molding, nylon film, Deep processing of polyurethane.

In terms of bio-based materials, focus on breakthroughs in biomass graded conversion and low-cost large-scale preparation of basic materials such as bio-based diacids and diols, lignin-based functional materials, bio-based polyester materials and bio-based polytetrahydrofuran, etc. Polymerization key technologies and processes.

In terms of advanced membrane materials, accelerate the development of super memory alloy membranes, recycled polyester films, energy storage membrane materials, environmentally friendly membrane materials, polyester raw material cyclohexanedimethanol, and high-end polyester material polyethylene terephthalate Ester and localized high-end membrane-making equipment.

In terms of fluorine-based new materials, vigorously develop high value-added inorganic fluorides such as electronic grade hydrofluoric acid, silicon tetrafluoride, high-performance anhydrous aluminum fluoride, and fluorine-containing fine chemicals such as fluorine-containing pharmaceutical intermediates, focusing on the development of fluorine Resin, fluorine rubber and other fluorine-containing materials and their products.

The “Action Plan” also proposes to focus on cultivating and expanding five key strategic material industries, including electronic functional materials, high-performance fiber materials, new power and energy storage battery materials, and biomedical materials. Among them, the field of high-performance fiber materials should focus on the development of carbon fiber, aramid fiber, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber and textile fiber; the field of new power and energy storage battery materials should focus on the development of metal ion battery materials, hydrogen fuel cell materials, photovoltaic battery material.

Among the four cutting-edge new material industries, the focus is on nanomaterials, graphene materials, additive manufacturing materials, and advanced composite materials, forming a new pattern of innovation and development in the materials industry.