Domestic well-known paint brand 3trees settled in Jingdong Industrial Products to accelerate the expansion of the industrial paint market

Latest News: Recently, 3trees Group, a well-known domestic paint brand, has settled in JD Industrial Products. On the one hand, it has established a wider range of customer contacts through’s digital channels, accurately and comprehensively grasps the needs of corporate customers, and promotes demand. It is predictable; on the other hand, it opens up all nodes in the industrial chain, and automatically decides the optimal value delivery path from multiple dimensions such as feasibility, cost, and timeliness, effectively reducing intermediate circulation links and transaction costs. On the basis of supply chain cooperation, the two parties will also work together to improve customer service, connect 3trees’ original factory-level professional service resources with’s industrial product service system, and promote the upgrading of service standards for coatings.

Founded in 2002, 3TREES has always been concerned about the good life of human beings and home health. In 2020, it will become the official paint supplier for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics, and ranks among the top 10 listed paint companies in the world by market value. In 2021 The revenue reached 11.429 billion last year, becoming the first national paint brand with a revenue of over 10 billion, ranking 8th in the global architectural decoration coatings ranking. At present, 3trees has 13 production bases in the country and is under construction. In the field of engineering, it creates a green building material that integrates interior and exterior wall coatings, waterproofing, thermal insulation, industrial coatings, flooring, new household materials, basic and auxiliary materials, and construction services. One-stop integrated system to promote the green development of enterprises.

Cui Jingtao, vice president of 3trees Group, said that after nearly 20 years of accumulation, 3trees has not only built a complete product and solution system, but also established a strong offline service channel and network, with more than 20,000 partners. It can cover major areas of the country and is one of the few paint brands that can achieve national sales and national service.

As a business unit of that provides industrial products supply chain technology and services for the industrial industry, serves the digital and intelligent transformation of the supply chain of a large number of industrial enterprises. Up to now, Jingdong Industrial Products has provided services for nearly 40% of the world’s top 500 companies, nearly 50% of China’s top 500 companies, more than 8,000 large group corporate customers and a large number of small, medium and micro enterprise customers. These customer resources not only cover many industries such as energy, construction, manufacturing, rail transit, etc., but can effectively “complement” with the channels of traditional paint brands, which are mainly real estate customers, but also end enterprises rather than middlemen and channel providers. Help brands establish a flatter channel system and accurately grasp customer needs. Cui Jingtao said, “Among the many customer resources of’s industrial products, customers in the energy and manufacturing fields are of particular importance to us. Because industrial coatings are the most complex, widest range of uses, and the most technically difficult category in the coatings industry, It has strong growth potential. We also hope to further increase the market share of industrial coatings in the overall sales of 3trees through the cooperation with Jingdong Industrial Products.”

Through this cooperation, the two parties will fully open up the “commodity + service”, and jointly provide customers with online and offline integrated building materials procurement services. In terms of commodities, all products of 3trees will be settled in Jingdong Industrial Products to achieve precise customer contact through digital channels. At the same time, the two parties will also establish a digital supply chain coordination mechanism, relying on the JD. Reduce the “logistics transfer times” and “logistics total distance” between the goods from the 3trees warehouse to the customer’s warehouse.

In terms of service, due to the strong service attributes of paint products, there is a perennial saying in the industry that “three points are in the product, seven points in the construction”, and the service level is very important for customer experience. To this end, and 3trees jointly created a “1+N” service model, in which 1 represents the original brand factory, and N represents the brand service center and service network of the brand throughout the country, as well as the brand authorized to have the original factory service ability. Level 1 agent. Based on this model, 3TREES’ branches, dealers, service outlets nationwide, as well as mature technical teams, construction plans and construction teams will provide pre-sales and after-sales technical support for JD. Come to high-quality after-sales service response.

Wang Wei, general manager of Jingdong Industrial Products Purchasing, Marketing and Technology Department, said that Jingdong Industrial Products is also cooperating with more leading professional brands such as 3trees to efficiently link the “goods + services” resources of the supply chain, and work together with partners to build Full-link digital, platform-based and ecological services jointly promote the digital upgrade of the industrial product industry.