DOMO Chemicals and Dynamics collaborate on zero-carbon hydrogen project in France to supply production of hexamethylenediamine

Latest News: Domo Chemicals and EDF Group’s 100%-owned subsidiary, Hydronics, specializing in low-carbon hydrogen production, have reached a cooperation project, aiming to realize the French chemical valley (Vallée de la
The goal of 100% zero-carbon hydrogen at the Belle-Étoile industrial site in Saint-Fons (south of Lyon, France) in the heart of Chimie.

The project will be the first in France to install an 85 megawatt (MW) hydrogen production plant using a water electrolysis process at the Belle-Étoile plant, capable of producing 1,1000 tonnes of low-carbon hydrogen per year. The plant will be powered by a low-carbon electricity mix from France. By 2027, it will supply 100% of the production of hexamethylenediamine, a key ingredient used to make plastics.

The project will ultimately prevent 84,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per year. Hexamethylenediamine, and ultimately durable and low carbon polyamides, will be used in a variety of applications in major industrial sectors such as automotive, electronics, heating and cooling.

The project is an important step towards the decarbonisation of industrial sites using grey hydrogen (produced from fossil fuels). The Chemical Valley is near major transportation routes, providing an opportunity to create a more complete hydrogen ecosystem.

The first phase of the project will include establishing and finalizing the technical concept and integrating a low-carbon hydrogen production plant into a large-scale production process for hexamethylenediamine.

Considering the high-power scale of future electrolytic hydrogen production facilities, the HyDom project is being developed in close cooperation with RTE, the organization responsible for managing the French electricity grid, to address connectivity issues. As an industry zero carbon strategy and “France 2030”
“The priority project of the investment plan. HyDom is supported by the French government and has been submitted to the European Commission for public funding.

According to Christelle, CEO of Dynamics
Rouillé said: “Hynamics is proud to support the decarbonisation efforts of leading hydrogen consuming industrialists in line with the goals set out in France’s 2030 investment plan for a resilient and decarbonised industrial sector. The scope of the project launched in partnership with Domo Chemicals Reflecting Dynamics’ expertise in developing industrial electrolytic hydrogen production projects with strong environmental impacts. In replacing current plants that produce hydrogen from natural gas, our projects represent an important step towards industrial autonomy and towards our climate goals. ”

Yves, CEO of DOMO Chemicals
Bonte said: “Reducing CO2 emissions remains a major challenge for the industry and DOMO’s low carbon footprint solutions are designed to help customers achieve their own CO2 reduction targets. This co-investment in low carbon hydrogen installations to replace existing natural gas The production unit, which will provide the Lyon region with the first hydrogen infrastructure. This strategic partnership will help us – and hopefully in the entire ecosystem of the Chimie Valley – to achieve Doumer’s ambitious 2030 goals, which focus on decarbonization , use renewable energy and provide customer solutions.”