Dow China RHOBARR Barrier Dispersion Receives Sustainability Silver Award

Latest News: Dow’s RHOBARR™ 325 Barrier Dispersion, in 2022 “PACKCON STAR
Awards” and “Blue Star Project-Sustainable Development Packaging Competition” jointly won the “Sustainable Development Planning Silver Award”.

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In response to the market demand for plastic reduction at home and abroad, and to meet the product upgrade of green food packaging materials, Dow launched RHOBARR™ 325 in China
Barrier dispersions provide a healthy, environmentally friendly and high-performance new option for disposable paper cups, paper bowls, and beverage packaging. It also provides a more competitive cost for the packaging industry by combining with other Dow food-grade coating products. Advantage.

Dow Utilizes its Proprietary Mechanical Dispersion Process, BLUEWAVE™ Technology, to Produce Unique RHOBARR™ 325
Barrier dispersions resulting in excellent liquid and grease barrier properties, excellent heat sealability, anti-stick properties and low odor.

RHOBARR™ 325 Barrier Dispersion meets FDA, EU10/2011 and GB 9685 A.2/GB
4806.10 and other food contact product safety certifications, and have passed a number of domestic and foreign beatable tests, aiming to provide the same barrier performance as traditional solutions, but using less raw materials, making paper products such as paper cups easier to recycle and more sustainable. Persistent.

Lin Xinhui, Asia Pacific Marketing Director of Dow’s Coating Materials Business Unit, said, “RHOBARR™
A series of barrier coating products have recently won many awards at home and abroad, reflecting Dow’s continuous exploration and development in new product design, development and innovation. These innovative products are not only proof that we help customers develop safe, environmentally friendly, low-carbon and recyclable solutions in the paper packaging industry, but also Dow’s promotion of recyclable paths in the process of commercializing coating materials in China , a testament to the practice of the concept of sustainable development. ”