DuPont removes halogen flame retardant from PIR insulation

Latest: DuPont Performance Building Solutions announced today that Thermax™ polyisocyanurate insulation has been reformulated to remove halogenated flame retardants. This new product formulation is another step in DuPont’s innovation journey toward “safer by design”.

Kieran, Global Innovation Leader, DuPont Performance Building Solutions
“DuPont is actively leading this new formulation in support of the company’s ‘Safer by Design 2030’ sustainability goals,” said Carlisle. “This innovation drives our business sustainability vision, which includes
The ‘Safer by Design’ commitment to working with our customers and key partners to bring green chemistry innovations to market and drive continued reductions in the presence of priority substances in our product portfolio. ”

With this formulation adjustment, DuPont became the first manufacturer of Class A polyisocyanurate (polyiso) insulation to phase out halogen flame retardants commonly used in building insulation polyurethane foams. The resulting Thermax™ non-halogen (NH) line of products represents the first polyisocyanurate, Class A, non-halogen and LBC Red List certified products in the North American premium commercial wall systems market.

“We are committed to voluntarily providing transparency documentation for products in our portfolio,” added Carlisle, “Together with new formulations for our Thermax™ range, we have been working with third-party GreenCircle certified companies to verify the ingredients in our products , and through the International Future of Living Institute (ILFI) to provide our clients with a statement label.”

The NH series has received LBC Red List certification, which means that 99% of the ingredients present and disclosed in the final product, at 100ppm or above, do not contain any Red List chemicals. This certification can be used to achieve LEED
v4 and v4.1 credits.


Featuring a unique fiberglass-reinforced foam core and high R-value, Thermax™ has a long history of making buildings more comfortable while helping to reduce a building’s energy use and carbon footprint. They are specifically designed to be used both as external continuous insulation and as an interior finish for walls and ceilings. The panels can be pressure washed to protect them from damage on the job site. Thermax™
The NH series maintains the same excellent quality and thermal properties of the original product in a Class A, halogen-free, safer design formulation. Other advantages include.

● Consistent, high-performance R-values ​​at 75°F and 40°F

● Can be exposed to indoor walls and ceilings without insulation (UL 1715).

● Low VOC, no HFC, zero ODP