Energy production and supply in Yunnan Province in the first five months were strong and orderly

The reporter recently learned from the Provincial Energy Bureau that from January to May, the province’s energy production and supply were strong and orderly, the construction of major projects was progressing steadily, the added value of the province’s energy industry above designated size increased by 8% year-on-year, and the investment in energy fixed assets was completed. About 41.4 billion yuan, an increase of 80.2% year-on-year, the growth rate ranks first in key industries, contributing about 21 percentage points to the province’s industrial investment growth, and playing a key supporting role in the first pillar industry of energy.

In the first five months, the province’s power generation above designated size was 131.4 billion kWh, a year-on-year increase of 14.8%. The output of raw coal and processed crude oil increased by 11% and 13.9% year-on-year, respectively. The energy production and supply capacity has been steadily improved, fully protecting people’s livelihood and industry. energy demand. On the basis of scientific research on the supply and demand situation, Yunnan Province has fully liberalized the electricity demand for green aluminum since January. The current operating capacity has reached 4.78 million tons, and the capacity utilization rate has increased to 89%. From January to May, the electricity consumption of the whole province was 93.1 billion kWh, a year-on-year increase of 4.3%.

The hydropower development and construction in Yunnan Province is progressing steadily. 14 units of Baihetan Hydropower Station are ready for operation and 9 units are put into operation; Xulong Hydropower Station has been approved by the state and is the first large-scale hydropower station approved in the Yangtze River Basin after the implementation of the “Yangtze River Protection Law”; The construction of Toba, Gushui, Benzilan and other hydropower stations is progressing as planned. In accordance with the principle of “opening all the way, as soon as possible”, the development and construction of new energy has been accelerated. There are 174 centralized new energy projects under construction in the province, with an installed capacity of 23.62 million kilowatts. The pace of power grid infrastructure construction has been accelerated. The second phase of the 500 kV Lancheng Substation will be put into operation, and the second phase of the Tianxing Substation will be put into operation soon. Continuing to promote the transformation of the rural power grid, the 35 kV interconnection project in Dulongjiang Township was officially put into operation, completely ending the history of isolated power supply in Dulongjiang Township. The construction of national oil and refined oil reserve projects and the construction of coal reserve capacity have been accelerated.

The Provincial Energy Bureau took the lead in setting up special classes for energy security and supply, increasing coal production and supply, and electric power operation and dispatching, cooperating with relevant departments and enterprises, scientifically researching and judging the supply and demand situation, and taking countermeasures such as increasing coal and ensuring electricity, and joint dispatching. , accelerate the release of high-quality coal production capacity and improve power generation efficiency. Thanks to the efforts of many parties, since this year, the province’s coal storage and water storage have reached the highest level in recent years, laying a foundation for increasing energy supply and stabilizing economic growth. (Reporter Duan Xiaorui)