Nord Stream Gas Pipeline Announces Temporary Shutdown of Two Gas Pipeline Branches

Xinhua News Agency, Moscow, July 3 (Reporter Liu Kai) Beixi Natural Gas Pipeline Company recently issued a notice saying that from July 11 to 21, the two “Beixi-1” natural gas pipelines operated by the company will be temporarily closed. Branch lines for routine maintenance. Analysts said the move will exacerbate the recent shortage of natural gas in the European market.

According to RIA Novosti, the circular said the maintenance involves testing mechanical components, automation systems, etc. to ensure the reliable, safe and efficient operation of the gas pipeline. This annual maintenance work has been planned in advance and the timing has been negotiated with upstream and downstream partners.

Analysts pointed out that “Beixi-1” is currently Russia’s main gas pipeline to Europe, and this move will exacerbate the shortage of natural gas in the European market.

Russian natural gas market expert Ji Ivan Monin said that due to the news of the temporary closure, the gas supply of the “Beixi-1” natural gas pipeline may drop to 1.3 billion cubic meters in July, a drop of nearly 60% compared with June. %. Data show that the gas supply to Europe through the pipeline was 5.4 billion cubic meters in May and 3.2 billion cubic meters in June.

In mid-June, Gazprom (Gazprom) said that Gazprom was forced to reduce the “Beixi-1” natural gas pipeline due to the failure of Siemens in Germany to deliver the gas compressor unit for repair to Russia in time. Air volume.

The “North Stream-1” natural gas pipeline built in 2011 from Vyborg, Russia in the east, to Germany via the seabed of the Baltic Sea, has been in a state of overloaded operation in recent years. Gazprom is the largest shareholder of the Nord Stream Gas Pipeline Company responsible for the operation of “North Stream-1”, with 51% of its shares, and the rest of the shares are divided among German, Dutch and French companies.