Evonik launches a new generation of UV wood paint defoamers

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● Specifically designed for radiation curing systems

● Improve degassing efficiency and compatibility at the same time

● A variety of systems and construction methods are common

Evonik launches new generation of deaerator TEGO® Airex specially developed for radiation-cured wood coatings
923. This product is an organic polymer-based defoamer with 100% active content. It has excellent compatibility and can improve defoaming efficiency.

UV-cured coatings have many advantages such as environmental protection, wide application, fast and efficient construction process. However, this paint also suffers from air bubbles. According to different formulation characteristics and construction methods, Evonik provides a variety of defoamers and defoamers. Among them, TEGO®
Airex 923 is a powerful deaerator for radiation cured wood coatings.

Broad versatility

TEGO® Airex
923 eliminates foam quickly and efficiently, preventing the formation of air bubbles and pinholes. This effect is especially important for high viscosity or high solids formulations. The concentrates also have excellent compatibility in a wide variety of resin systems and blending ingredients. thanks to TEGO®
The polymer properties of Airex 923 and its good compatibility make it suitable for clear coats with high optical appearance requirements due to its excellent recoatability.

Easy to add

Air bubbles in wood lacquers can affect the transparency and protection of the coating, as well as adversely affect the overall optical appearance, feel and even production efficiency. TEGO® Airex
The 923 can help with these problems and is extremely easy to use. This defoaming agent has good fluidity and is very easy to handle. In addition, the product has high storage stability and can still show excellent performance after a certain period of storage.