Wanhua Chemical launches MDI plastic molded pallets to help the pallet industry upgrade

Latest News: Recently, the 17th China Pallet International Conference and the 2022 Global Pallet Entrepreneurs Annual Conference was held in Guangzhou. Wang Shengquan, the purchasing manager of Wanhua Chemical Packaging, was invited to attend the conference and published “Wanhua Pallet Reform” The Road” theme report. The report launched the world’s first MDI plastic molded pallet solution, providing new ideas for the development and reform of the industry.

Stable and durable

The MDI plastic molded pallet is relatively stable, and the molecular structure of the reaction product of polyurethane and wood fiber is stable, and there will be no decomposition or other reactions under the temperature environment of -50°C to 100°C. In addition, compared with ordinary molded pallets, the overall load-bearing performance of molded pallets with MDI as an adhesive can be improved by 250%.

Waterproof and moistureproof

Polyurethane reacts with fibers during the board-making process, and can generate polymer compounds with strong water resistance, so the molded pallets using MDI adhesive have excellent waterproof and moisture-proof performance.


Molded pallets are resource-friendly products, and their raw materials are wood processing residues, lignocellulosic materials and crop straws, etc., which can fully utilize the value of wood residues. In addition, MDI as an adhesive molding tray does not release formaldehyde during storage and use, and the zero formaldehyde addition in the production environment can effectively ensure the occupational health of operators.

Over the years, Wanhua Chemical has continuously optimized its packaging solutions, practiced the concept of green recycling and low-carbon, and worked with industry chain partners to promote a low-carbon packaging system and build green and efficient logistics. In the future, Wanhua will continue to empower the pallet industry with innovative solutions, and join hands with more partners to promote the healthy, win-win and sustainable development of the industry!