Evonik’s global lithium-ion battery center opens in Shanghai, China

Latest News:

● Evonik’s first global lithium-ion battery center put into operation

● Improve service capabilities and provide customized solutions for the rapidly developing battery industry

● Focus on innovative solutions in the fields of battery anode and cathode materials and separator materials, as well as electrode preparation technology

Evonik announced the official opening of its Global Lithium-Ion Battery Center in Shanghai Innovation Park. As the first global technology center for the lithium-ion battery industry, the center will develop innovative materials to create batteries with higher energy density, greater safety and longer life.

The electric vehicle market is growing rapidly globally, especially in China. In the transition from traditional gasoline diesel locomotives to gasoline-electric hybrid and pure electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries have become the core of modern electric vehicle solutions.

Xia Filiang, President of Evonik Greater China, said: “China is striving to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. This goal will push the development of the electric vehicle market to new heights and accelerate the pace of innovation in the battery industry. Asia brings together more than 90% of the Lithium-ion battery manufacturers, and most of the top manufacturers are from China. Evonik hopes to develop high-performance solutions through the new lithium-ion battery center to provide strong support for the high-growth market.”

The new Shanghai Lithium-ion Battery Center is part of Evonik’s global R&D network. It will focus on expertise in various business areas and focus on innovations in battery anode and cathode materials and separator materials, as well as electrode preparation technology. The center is equipped with cutting-edge facilities, including material preparation and characterization, pilot production lines for coin cells and pouch cells, and battery testing equipment, ensuring that Evonik experts carry out research and development of new-generation battery materials, batteries and technologies. In addition, the center plans to carry out joint development projects with local clients and explore market potential through venture capital activities.

Dr. Kai Huang, head of Evonik’s Li-ion Battery Center, said: “We not only conduct battery material research, but also assist customers with battery prototype trials, enabling our materials to be tested in environments that meet customer-specific requirements, thereby advancing overall innovation. In addition, thanks to the technical expertise across departments within the company, we are better able to develop product solutions that meet the needs of battery manufacturers.”

Evonik offers a wide range of lithium-ion battery application products that can effectively improve battery function and performance. In electrode applications, Evonik’s solutions help to ensure the stability of electrode slurry preparation, make thick-coated electrodes, develop high-speed coating technology and low-cost manufacturing technology. In the application of positive and negative electrode materials and separator materials, Evonik can provide important additives and production process accelerators to help improve battery performance, increase energy density, and expand battery energy storage capacity.

Evonik’s lithium-ion battery center is located in Shanghai Innovation Park, and the expansion plan of the center is already in preparation. Over the years, Evonik has focused on regional development trends and local needs, and continuously strengthened its innovation capabilities. Currently, Evonik is planning a number of research projects and continues to promote innovative development to help build a greener and more sustainable future.