First concept shoe made entirely of sustainable materials from BASF, created in collaboration with design house Maddy Plant

Latest News: BASF has partnered with footwear design company Maddy Plant to explore the possibilities of innovative material solutions from BASF and use industry-leading technology for energy-efficient production to launch its concept athleisure shoe
“MADGAMMA – Intertek Saturn”.

Minli Zhao, Vice President of Consumer Industries, Asia Pacific, Performance Materials, BASF, said: “This concept shoe uses our successful philosophy of making footwear sustainable while delivering high performance. Our goal is to bring these advanced technologies into mainstream footwear. Production.”

Sustainable materials ensure superior performance

The main features of the MADGAMMA-Intertek Saturn are:

The upper is constructed from 100% recyclable monofilament Freeflex™ thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Freeflex™ conforms to the foot using a minimum of seams and stitching for superior comfort and optimum performance. It’s also very light. Also, its transparency makes the design more flexible.

● The tongue is woven from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) fiber and Freeflex™ TPU elastic fiber. Freeflex™
TPU spandex is used as an alternative to dry spandex due to its soft stretch properties. It is eco-friendly as it is manufactured without organic solvents and using a cost-effective manufacturing process.

● Replaceable midsole made of lightweight, high-rebound and bio-based Elastopan®
Made of N polyurethane (PU) series. Compared to a traditional midsole, the PU is made from a bio-recycled material that provides superior cushioning and durability while being more sustainable. Another replaceable midsole is made with TPU foam, which has a lower density, high energy return and is recyclable. With a replaceable midsole, users can choose a midsole for different occasions – a lightweight, high-rebound Elastopan® midsole for athletic performance, or a TPU foam midsole for casual wear.

● Shoe handle made of bio-based Elastollan® N
Made of TPU series, containing 35% bio-based ingredients. Elastollan® provides great rigidity and complements high-performance sneaker components such as the torsion system for improved stability.

● Outsole and cage made of bio-based Elastopan®
Made of PU. The outsole made of Elastopan® features a high-grip pattern to optimize traction and provide maximum surface contact. This high-performance material also includes 30% bio-based ingredients.