Fujian rewards key new materials for first batch production

Latest News: A few days ago, the Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Fujian Provincial Key New Materials First Batch Production Application Incentive Measures”. According to the “Measures”, Fujian Province will reward eligible enterprises according to the proportion of no more than 5% of the total sales of a single key new material product in the previous year, and the maximum reward amount is 2 million yuan.

The “new materials” referred to in the “Measures” refer to newly emerged materials with excellent properties and special functions, or materials with significantly improved performance or new functions after the improvement of traditional materials; “the first batch of secondary key new materials” refers to the production of The new material products produced and sold by the enterprise in the first year and in line with the “Fujian Province Key New Materials First Batch Production and Application Support Reference Catalog” are of the same variety and technical specifications. The declared enterprise should meet the requirements of producing and operating in accordance with the law within the administrative region of the province, with independent legal person status; legally possessing intellectual property rights of core technologies for key new material products; and the sales amount of a single product in the previous year is more than 10 million yuan (inclusive).

The “Measures” also pointed out that for the production enterprises of lithium battery cathode materials, tungsten, rare earth and related extended products listed in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s “Key New Materials First Application Demonstration Guide Catalog”, they should purchase product quality assurance insurance, liability insurance, etc. and obtain the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. For the first batch of key new materials to apply insurance compensation for the first time, the provincial finance will give a matching reward, and the reward amount is 20% of the annual insurance premium.