Green recycled plastic “re” word mark released

Latest News: The reporter learned from the 2022 Green Recycled Plastics Supply Chain Forum held in Chongqing recently that the word “re” is a green recycled plastic specification system aimed at allowing more plastic waste to fully realize the standardized recycling. Logo officially released. This is another important breakthrough after the Green Recycled Plastics Supply Chain Joint Working Group (GRPG) released the “hui” logo with an easy-to-recycle and easy-to-recycle design. It will open a new chapter in the green recycled plastics supply chain and effectively promote the plastics industry. Construction of a green and low-carbon recycling system.

“The core measures to improve the management level of plastic waste and reduce plastic pollution are to regulate the recycling of plastic waste, promote the green development of the recycled plastic industry, improve the technical level of plastic recycling and utilization, and promote the construction of a large cycle of the plastic industry chain. .” said Hou Cong, deputy director of the GRPG office.

At present, developed countries generally have a relatively complete standard system and certification mark for the application of recycled plastics. Therefore, since the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and China Material Recycling Association jointly established GRPG in June 2020, the necessary conditions for the standardized application of green recycled plastics have been continuously explored, and the valuable experience of my country’s plastic recycling industry over the years has been summarized. By fully absorbing the advanced experience in the construction of domestic and foreign standards and regulations, a green recycled plastics specification system including standards, certification and testing systems has been created.

The green recycled plastics specification system takes the chain of custody of production and sales as the core, and builds a certification system that conforms to the actual situation of the industry, is forward-looking and practical, and meets the requirements of international standards. Provide normative support.

At the same time, the “re” word mark of the green recycled plastics standard system also came into being. Recycling companies and brands that use green plastic recycled content in their products can apply for certification.

According to reports, the logo of the green recycled plastics standard system is mainly green, and the counterclockwise arrow symbolizes recycling and recycling. The logo represents that the recycled plastic particles and product recycled components meet the requirements of the green recycled plastics standard system.

The word mark “Zai” is derived from the Chinese character “Zai”, which can do two things in one fell swoop, representing repetition, succession, and symbolizing a cycle. This is in line with the concept of the plastic circular economy, which aims to fully realize the standardized recycling of more plastic wastes and reduce the impact of waste plastics on the environment.

In the next step, GRPG will improve the existing normative system and accelerate the promotion of relevant normative systems into the certification stage.