Haiquan Chemical’s 20/450,000 tons PO/SM project EIA accepted

Latest News: On July 12, the EIA of Haiquan Chemical’s 20/450,000-ton PO/SM project was accepted.

Project name: Fujian Nenghua Group Chlor-Alkali Area Relocation Project – PO and SM Project with an annual output of 200,000 tons and 450,000 tons

Constructor: Fujian Haiquan Chemical Co., Ltd.

Construction Nature:New

Construction location: Fujian Gulei Petrochemical Base

Site area:338530m2

Total investment: The total investment of the project is 4,361.58 million yuan, of which the environmental protection investment is 171.55 million yuan, accounting for 3.93% of the total investment

Production system and quota: This project generally implements four shifts and three operation system, with a total quota of 160 people

Runtime:September 2024

Technical process used: This project adopts 200,000 tons/year propylene oxide co-production 450,000 tons/year styrene (referred to as 20/450,000 tons) developed by Changzhou Ruihua Chemical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. /year PO/SM plant) production technology. Using benzene and ethylene as raw materials to produce ethylbenzene, adopt ethylbenzene oxidation method to produce (PO/SM co-oxidation method) propylene oxide and co-produce styrene at the same time.