Shanxi delineates “survival line” for coal chemical enterprises

Latest News: The General Office of the Shanxi Provincial People’s Government recently issued the “Opinions on Promoting the Green and Low-Carbon Development of the Coal Chemical Industry”. The goal put forward by the “Opinions” is that by 2025, the output value of the coal chemical industry will strive to exceed 150 billion yuan, 40% of the caustic soda production capacity, 30% of the coal-to-methanol production capacity, 30% of the coal-to-ethylene glycol production capacity, and 15% of the synthetic ammonia production capacity. The production capacity has reached the benchmark level of energy efficiency, the production capacity below the benchmark level has been basically cleared, and the level of green and low-carbon development has been greatly improved. By then, coal chemical enterprises will fully cross the “survival line”, and more than 15% of the enterprises will reach the “development line”.

The “Opinions” proposed that the layout of Shanxi’s coal chemical industry should be more reasonable, and the scale development benefits of modern coal chemical industry clusters centered on Changzhi, Yangquan, and Shuozhou should be further improved; the traditional coal chemical industry centered on Jincheng, Yuncheng and Jinzhong Industrial clusters, and the level of high-quality development has been further improved.

In order to achieve the above goals, the “Opinions” emphasize the need to accelerate the upgrading and transformation of the traditional coal chemical industry, strictly control the new production capacity of excess industries such as urea, calcium carbide, and caustic soda; to cultivate and expand the modern coal chemical industry, and accelerate the construction of modern coal chemical demonstration bases.

In terms of accelerating the upgrading and transformation of the traditional coal chemical industry, the province will strictly control the new production capacity of excess industries such as urea, calcium carbide, and caustic soda, and implement equal or reduced replacement for advanced technological transformation and upgrading projects that meet policy requirements. Eliminate outdated process technologies and production devices that do not meet the requirements of green and low-carbon transformation and development in accordance with laws and regulations. Adopt advanced and applicable energy-saving and water-saving technology to implement cleaner production transformation, reduce the “three wastes” from the source, realize the transition from end-to-end treatment to source emission reduction, and improve the level of energy conservation and emission reduction.

For traditional coal chemical enterprises, the “Opinions” put forward specific requirements for elimination, transformation and upgrading. Among them, urea enterprises should speed up the application of new coal gasification technology such as pulverized coal pressurized gasification technology and coal-water slurry gasification technology, and gradually eliminate outdated gasification technology devices with low efficiency, high pollution and high energy consumption. Optimize product structure, develop fertilizer and chemical products simultaneously, develop high-efficiency, high-quality, environment-friendly value-added urea, and further develop new products such as polymethoxydimethyl ether, polyoxymethylene, and diphenylurea. Chlor-alkali enterprises should focus on energy conservation, emission reduction and clean production, carry out technical transformation and upgrading such as membrane electrode distance sub-membrane electrolysis, carry out upgrading and transformation of hydrogen chloride synthesis furnace, and improve the utilization level of waste heat from hydrogen chloride synthesis. Develop special series of products with special grades and special properties such as polyvinyl chloride paste resin and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. Calcium carbide enterprises should increase energy-saving and carbon-reducing transformation and upgrading efforts, promote the application of closed, environmentally friendly, energy-saving production technologies, and reduce the process power consumption and comprehensive energy consumption per unit product of calcium carbide smelting. Carry out equivalent replacement of calcium carbide production capacity, extend the industrial chain of acetylene chemical industry by calcium carbide method, and develop new materials such as degradable plastics.

In view of the cultivation and expansion of the modern coal chemical industry, the “Opinions” proposes to speed up the construction of a modern coal chemical demonstration base and build a complete industrial chain of methanol, ethylene glycol and downstream high value-added products. Build an industrial cluster dominated by high-performance carbon fiber and supercapacitor carbon in Taiyuan, create an industrial cluster dominated by coal-based fine chemicals and nylon in Changzhi, and create an industrial cluster dominated by polyester and degradable plastics in Yangquan. Promote the utilization of coal by grade and cascade, carry out pilot work in Datong, Shuozhou and other areas rich in low-rank coal resources in northern Shanxi Province, and promote clean and efficient pyrolysis technology suitable for the characteristics of coal types in Shanxi Province, high-quality utilization of pyrolysis products, ” R&D and application of key process technologies such as “three wastes” treatment.

It is understood that Shanxi is rich in coal resources, and the production capacity of coal chemical products ranks among the top five in the country.