Hebei has identified 29 chemical industry parks with a list of all parks

Latest News: On August 7, the Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice, in accordance with the “Hebei Provincial Chemical Industry Park Recognition Measures (Trial)” (Ji Zheng Ban Zi [2020] No. 182) and According to the requirements of “Chemical Park Construction Standards and Certification Management Measures (Trial)” (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Lianyuan [2021] No. 220), the list of the fourth batch of certified chemical parks is now published. The list of the fourth batch of chemical parks was announced. There are a total of 7 parks announced this time, all of which are chemical concentration areas.

It is understood that three of the chemical concentration areas announced this time are located in Hengshui City, namely Hebei Shenzhou Economic Development Zone (South District) Chemical Industry Cluster, Jizhou High-tech Zone West Chemical Industry Zone and Hebei Jingxian High-tech Industrial Development Zone Petrochemical Material Park; two are located in Cangzhou City, namely Petrochemical Industrial Park of Zhongjie Industrial Park in Cangzhou Bohai New Area and Dongxing Industrial Park of Nandagang Industrial Park in Cangzhou Bohai New Area. In addition, there are Hebei Shenze Economic Development Zone (South District) Chemical Concentration Zone in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Xingtai in Xingtai City
Xuyang Economic Development Zone Chemical Industry Park. The notice requires that the municipal and county governments strengthen the standardized construction and management of the park, effectively improve the park’s intrinsic safety and green development level, and create a high-quality development carrier for the chemical industry in Hebei Province. Up to now, the list of four batches of chemical industrial parks published in Hebei a total of 29 chemical industrial parks has been identified, including 3 specialized chemical industrial parks and 26 chemical industrial parks /strong>.

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