The only one in the industry! Haier refrigerator won the first prize of China Light Industry Technology Progress Award

Latest News: Green is the bright background color for the high-quality development of various industries at present. So, how can brands practice green development? In the field of refrigerators, leading brands have given more scientific and clear guidelines: technology is a powerful tool to solve environmental problems. In the new round of iteration, Haier Refrigerator has deeply cultivated the green and low-carbon field with advanced technology. After obtaining the “China Green Product Certification”, it has added the “Green Medal of Honor”.

On August 9th, the annual award ceremony of China National Light Industry Federation was held in Beijing. After comprehensive evaluation by authoritative experts, Haier refrigerator pioneered the “polyurethane rigid foam foaming technology under dynamic pressure of refrigerator box” and won the first prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award. The only project in the industry to receive this award. In line with the original intention of green carbon reduction, Haier refrigerators continue to innovate green technology. While improving foaming efficiency, they greatly reduce refrigerator energy consumption, making them more low-carbon and environmentally friendly, reaching the international leading level.

Lower carbon and more efficient! Three innovative iterative refrigerator foaming systems

It is understood that the China National Light Industry Federation Science and Technology Award represents the highest level of science and technology awards in China’s light industry, and is considered to be the “Medal of Honor” for China’s light industry. And this time, after a comprehensive evaluation by experts organized by China National Light Industry Federation, Haier refrigerators won the first prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award for the first “polyurethane rigid foam foaming technology under the dynamic pressure of refrigerator box”.

The only one in the industry! Haier refrigerator won the first prize of China Light Industry Technology Progress Award

How important are foam materials and foam technology for refrigerators? From the perspective of the composition of the refrigerator box, the foam material usually fills the entire box to keep the internal temperature of the refrigerator constant and provide better thermal insulation effect. However, conventional foaming materials and foaming technologies have three obvious defects: First, they emit a large amount of carbon dioxide, pollute the ozone layer, and aggravate the greenhouse effect; second, the foam material has poor fluidity and is easy to fill unevenly, which affects the thermal insulation effect; third, it is difficult to simultaneously Taking into account the speed and quality, the foaming efficiency is low.

Taken together, Haier refrigerators have brought three breakthrough innovations, which have overcome the above problems one after another:

First, in the foaming formula, the high-performance polyurethane foaming material with high environmental protection, high efficiency and high thermal insulation effect is used for the first time, so that the ODP value reaches 0 and the GWP value is less than 15, the impact on the ozone layer is almost negligible, and the environmental impact The greenhouse effect is the lowest in the industry.

Second, in terms of foaming technology, we pioneered the polyurethane foaming technology under dynamic pressure, which solved the industry problems of poor foaming fluidity and uneven filling, and realized the advantages of ultra-high viscosity materials, ultra-fast reaction time and complex product structures. The high-quality filling of the foaming material under certain conditions increases the foaming efficiency by 50%.

Third, in terms of sealing technology, the sealing system is upgraded in an all-round way, and the special sealing technology of “breathable and liquid-impermeable” is innovated to ensure that the foaming formula does not produce quality defects such as overflow and leakage during the ultra-fast foaming reaction under dynamic pressure. , do it quickly and accurately.

The green experience is recognized by users! Drive Haier refrigerators to achieve high growth

In fact, the new foaming technology won by Haier refrigerator this time is not in the “laboratory”, but has been applied in large quantities on the production line and has already entered the “user’s home”. At present, four production lines of Haier refrigerators in China have applied this technology, with an annual output of 3 million green refrigerators, and an annual carbon emission reduction of about 1.12 million tons, bringing a new experience of green and low-carbon fresh storage.

The industry-leading freshness storage technology is superimposed on a new green and low-carbon experience, and Haier refrigerators have also been recognized by more users. Data from the first 31 weeks showed that Haier’s refrigerator share rose to 43.4%, a net increase of 2.6 percentage points year-on-year. Among them, the shares of TOP2-TOP5 brands were 11.3%, 10.9%, 9.2% and 8.1% respectively, further widening the industry gap.

The only one in the industry! Haier refrigerator won the first prize of China Light Industry Technology Progress Award

From a long-term planning point of view, Haier refrigerators will continue to increase the green and low-carbon layout and continue to expand this advantage. On July 2 this year, Haier Refrigerator invested 3.07 billion yuan to build the Haier high-end refrigerator interconnection factory in Jiaozhou, Qingdao. Judging from the announcement, Haier’s high-end refrigerator interconnected factory has an annual output of 2 million units, of which environmentally friendly and low-carbon products are the key production direction. The new layout may continue to reduce carbon emissions in the manufacturing process, provide users with green and high-quality products, and lead the industry towards low-carbon development.

Based on user needs, shoulder the “double carbon” mission. We have reason to believe that the future technological innovation of Haier refrigerators will bring more low-carbon and green diets, as well as more practical comfort and convenience to users across the country and even around the world.