Hebei will build a trillion yuan petrochemical industry

Latest News: “Several Measures for Accelerating the High-quality Development of the Petrochemical and Chemical Industry in Hebei Province” was recently issued and implemented. The “Measures” propose that by the end of 2025, Hebei’s petrochemical and chemical industry will be built into a trillion-yuan industry.

The “Measures” clarified that Hebei will expand the coastal petrochemical chemical bases, promote the construction of coastal chemical parks such as Caofeidian, Nanbao, Haigang, Fengnan, Leting, Lingang, and Zhongjie, and focus on the construction of two petrochemical chemical bases in Caofeidian and Bohai New Area. Encourage the coupled development of petrochemical, coal chemical, and salt chemical industries, and promote the development of the marine fine chemical industry. Among them, Caofeidian focuses on promoting the implementation of large-scale petrochemical projects and building a world-class modern Lingang petrochemical chemical industry base; Bohai New Area focuses on building an important synthetic material production base in northern China.

In terms of the construction of chemical parks, the “Measures” emphasize that Hebei will speed up the identification of chemical parks and key monitoring points, improve the entry and exit mechanism of enterprises in the park, improve the construction of park infrastructure, guide enterprises in the park to carry out circular production, and strengthen smart parks. building.

The “Measures” specifically propose that on the basis of ensuring safety, support enterprises in key chemical monitoring points across Hebei to build, rebuild, and expand upstream and downstream projects in the industrial chain. According to the industrial layout of the province and the positioning of the park, it is normalized to promote the relocation of hazardous chemical production enterprises outside the park that have upstream, downstream and industrial chain relationships to realize the effective allocation of resources.

The “Measures” also emphasized the need to strengthen fine chemicals and accelerate the development of new material industries. Encourage the development of green pesticides and expand the scale of products such as environmentally friendly coatings and dyes; focus on emerging industries, take high-performance new chemical materials as the development direction, and accelerate the development of organofluorosilicon, polyurethane, polyoxymethylene, polycarbonate, polyamide, polyphenylene ether , polyimide, electronic special gases, bio-based materials, degradable plastics and other products.