Hexpol TPE joins climate-neutral vehicle project

Latest: Hexpol TPE has joined an ambitious project, Polestar 0, which aims to create the world’s first “truly climate neutral car” by 2030.

Swedish electric car maker Polestar has partnered with thermoplastic elastomer composite maker Hexpol
Several suppliers, including TPE, are collaborating to accelerate their work on sustainability in automotive manufacturing.

In a Sept. 14 statement, Hexpol TPE said the project will work to identify and eliminate all greenhouse gas emissions from raw material extraction to vehicle delivery to customers, as well as end-of-life disposal issues.

The cooperation agreement was signed with Hexpol TPE’s plant in Amal, Sweden.

Hexpol TPE said it will support the project with its knowledge and capabilities in thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and soft polymer composites.

In addition, it will help the project by researching the possibility of advancing bio-based and recyclable ingredients.

The scope of the project will also involve mapping the supply chain to identify the root causes of all emissions and investigating a CO2-neutral logistics system.

Hans Pehrson, Polestar 0 project leader, said: “Such an ambitious project requires industry-leading partners. This is why I look forward to Hexpol
The reason why TPE is such an important part of our team. ”