High-end automotive coatings and water-based coatings are expected to use domestic high-end water-based nano-carbon materials

Latest News: On August 1, Heimao shares (in the investor interaction platform stated that the product successfully debugged in the pilot production line of Qingdao Heimao high-end carbon-based material-environmentally friendly water-based nano-carbon material was produced by Qingdao Heimao Co., Ltd. The Mao R&D team cooperated with the team of Academician Zhang Liqun of Beijing University of Chemical Technology to develop, and the products are mainly used in the fields of high-end automotive topcoats and various environmentally friendly water-based coatings.

Jiangxi Heimao Carbon Black Co., Ltd. is a joint stock company established in July 2001 by Jingdezhen Heimao Group, which developed carbon black as a comprehensive resource utilization product under the background of related diversified development. Listed on the stock exchange. In 2021, the operating income will be 7.9304 billion yuan, of which the production and sales volume of the company’s main product carbon black has ranked first in China’s carbon black industry for 19 consecutive years, and has entered the top four in the world’s carbon black rankings.

The reporter noticed that the pilot production line of Qingdao Heimao high-end carbon-based material-environmental water-based nano-carbon material was successfully debugged on July 22 this year, and the annual production capacity of its environmental-friendly water-based nano-carbon material pilot line was 400 tons. At present, Qingdao Heimao and Zhang Liqun’s team have developed a variety of environmentally friendly water-based nano-scale carbon materials, whose product performance has been recognized by customers and can completely replace foreign high-end water-based carbon materials. The products are mainly used in high-end automotive topcoats and various environmental protection water-based coatings, etc.

This production line is a fully automatic production line, which was jointly designed by the Qingdao Black Cat R&D team and the Beijing University of Chemical Technology R&D team. It realizes fully automatic control from material feeding to product packaging. Its software and hardware facilities have reached the advanced level in the same industry at home and abroad. Its product performance is excellent, reaching the level of foreign high-end pigment carbon black, filling the domestic gap.

The project was established in September 2021. The project team tackled difficulties and worked day and night on the front line. With the spirit of “inheritance and innovation, diversified coordination, extension and integration, and green development” and the work attitude of excellence, the project team has overcome various difficulties. After 10 months from design to pilot production line construction and commissioning, the project has applied for 4 patents, of which 2 are authorized and 2 are under review.

Looking forward to the future, according to the requirements of Heimao’s three-year doubling plan, Qingdao Heimao will rely on this pilot production line to develop and produce more high-end water-based carbon blacks and bring them to the market, laying a solid foundation for the subsequent expansion of high-end water-based carbon materials. .