Huashen New Materials hexamethylenediamine project started construction

Latest News: On July 25th, the commencement ceremony of Huashen New Materials (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.’s 180,000-ton/year hexamethylenediamine project was held in Wanhua Ningbo Industrial Park.

“After the project is put into operation, it will not only create a rare opportunity for China Pingmei Shenma Holding Group to speed up the extension chain, supplement the chain and strengthen the chain, develop and expand the nylon industry by taking advantage of the advantages of hexamethylenediamine technology, but also provide Wanhua Chemical Group with stable supply of raw materials, opening up The whole industrial chain of hexamethylene diisocyanate (HDI) provides strong support to further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. At the same time, it can rely on Ningbo’s regional location and industrial layout advantages to develop the downstream product market of hexamethylene diamine and create considerable economic benefits.” China Du Bo, general manager of Pingmei Shenma Holding Group, said.

Kou Guangwu, President of Wanhua Chemical Group, said that the 180,000-ton/year hexamethylenediamine project is a key project in the strategic development of Wanhua’s HDI industry chain and China Pingmei Shenma Holding Group’s nylon industry chain. He hoped that the two sides will cooperate in research, production and marketing coordination, industrial chain extension, and technology joint innovation, so as to achieve complementary advantages and promote industrial integration.